Cedar Ring Mama

Taking My Cues From Mother Earth



Do you feel it beginning?  The ice has held me in its grip for weeks, and on the surface everything seems frozen in white, static time.  But now I feel my soul rising, urged by the ever-heightening sun to expand into the cosmos and be seen, be heard, be felt.  The trees feel it too, and are preparing to swell with sap, the rush of sugary sweetness that is spring.

How do I help my children experience the richness of this new beginning?  We walk.  We look. We touch. It’s time to order new puddle jumpers and rain pants, to be sure the mud will not find us unprepared.

Little boys have a love affair with spring mud and puddles.

There is enchantment as the seasons begin to blur into each other.  The place where one entity begins to bleed  into  another is a reverent realm- twilight, solstice, a mother giving birth, an ocean shoreline- ebbing and flowing.

I think this is our favorite time to walk; the roadside ditches become rivers, sometimes complete with icebergs of un-melted snow.  So we hop from iceberg to iceberg, wondering if we will sink in or stand firm and become king or queen of it.  We measure the depth of the water or snow in the ditches with a walking stick along the way- “Oh look how deep it is here!”.  The stick is also used to draw figures in the dirt road or  mud patches that can be found along the way; should a warm sun bake our drawings, we find them again tomorrow.   We spy some green- look how bright it is, it must be new growth.  Can you find this growth inside of you?

3 thoughts on “Thaw.

  1. Beautiful post! I’m so ready for Spring … welcoming the growth and changes to come.

    Thanks for a little inspiration today 🙂

  2. Ahhh!!! We feel it, too! We can’t wait to shed the walls of this house and plant the walls for our sunflower play-house! 🙂 Yeah, Springtime!

  3. I am so happy to be part of your cedar ring collective!! We love woolens and use only cloth diapers. I love that there are so many people blogging about this these days. Here’s to healthier children, families, and a healthier planet!

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