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Woolens and a Giveaway!


It finally arrived!  Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op placed our first order with Engel of Germany at the beginning of February.  We had a few challenges- the obvious language barrier, a few out of stocks, pre-paying without a credit card (they do not accept credit cards, which I hear is rather common in Europe, bless their financially conservative little souls!), currency conversions, expensive shipping, and customs delays… but it was worth the wait.

Engel offers a range of wool, natural cotton, and wool/silk blend garments for all ages, specializing in baby clothes and undergarments (including organic cotton nursing bras, soon to be added to the Cedar Ring Circle Co-op). Their high quality organic virgin merino wool is soft and insulates the body, helping regulate body temperature. Wool, as with other natural fibers, breathes- helping you remain cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. It also wicks away moisture. Silk has a healing, soothing effect on the skin. Blending these two elements together creates a luxurious effect which protects, stabilizes, and promotes well-being. It’s also great for the environment- many synthetic fibers are ultimately derived from petroleum products, involve toxic byproducts during production, and lack the “breathability” of natural fibers, which results in an over-all “sticky” feeling on the skin.

Especially important for children, wool/silk blend long underwear keep the core warm. Children need warmth and thrive on it. All growth processes are associated with energy/heat.  If extra energy is needed to keep the body warm, some of the energy for growth and development may be diverted to this central task. When a child’s environment and clothing provides all necessary heat and assists them in regulating body temperature, energetic forces are freed to focus on growth and development.

The mamas of Cedar Ring Circle have a lot of experience cloth diapering, and as with many cloth diapering afficianados we get into a bit of a frenzy about it! We love to try new diapers and were thrilled to get such an affordable deal on cloth diapers and soakers from Engel. Our basic fitted cotton diaper is a soft, plush, eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers, comes in a full range of sizes from newborn to 36 months, and features quick and easy velcro fasteners.

We also offer wool soakers at great prices (members, use your private discount code!)- our basic merino wool soakers are trim and great for daytime, while our double-knit virgin wool soakers are perfect for naps, night-time, and heavy wetters.

There’s the spread- a fitted diaper, trim merino wool soaker, and plush double-knit soaker. You’ll want to use an organic cotton diaper liner (pictured to the left) too for added protection and easier clean-up.

Fresh out of the bath, a little Weleda Calendula Oil keeps your baby’s skin silky smooth and naturally moisturized. That cotton diaper is like a little cloud of comfort (so much nicer than bleached plastic-y paper!).

I am so in love with these double-knit soakers.  Especially how the waistband can be rolled up to really keep baby’s core warm, or folded down as pictured.

Oh, and check out that beautiful amber teething necklace! Amber radiates light and warmth, and is composed of fossilized pine resins from ancient forests. These resins contain anti-inflammatory properties, and are slowly absorbed into the skin when worn. The amber in the Baltic states of Europe is especially known for its healing properties and rich variety of colors. It has been used for centuries as a natural analgesic for teething babies, and as a grounding element to restore balance to the nerves. For safety purposes, each bead is individually knotted to prevent a choking hazard if the strand breaks. These are the first item we have stocked in our newly launched online store (and are available at a discount for Cedar Ring Circle members).  They are handmade in Latvia, of pure Baltic amber.

And now for our giveaway! One lucky reader will receive their choice of one cotton fitted diaper plus choice of either the organic merino wool soaker or the double-knit soaker (both in the 9-18 months size), OR if you don’t need cloth diapering supplies, a $25 credit towards our upcoming Engel order for Cedar Ring Circle Members, OR, if you are not yet a member, a 6-month co-op membership. Every reader will have three chances to enter the giveaway!

First Chance: Subscribe to the blog and leave a comment.

Second Chance: “Like” Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op on Facebook, and leave a comment.

Third Chance: Register (no need to be a member) at Cedar Ring Circle , or if you already have, leave a comment saying how you heard about us.

Good luck!  Winner to be announced on Thursday!

Update: Our winner, randomly chosen by Random.com, is Natalie of post #50! Congratulations, Natalie- and thank you everyone for participating. Please keep checking back, we have more giveaways planned!

58 thoughts on “Woolens and a Giveaway!

  1. I am already registered at Cedar Ring Circle. We would love to try these diapers & cover. Thanks for the chance. I first heard about cedar ring circle through a friend.

  2. I’m registered at Cedar Ring Circle!!!!
    I heard about you on a post in a Waldorf/homeschooling yahoo group (can’t remember which).
    Love your store!!!! Thank you!

  3. I subscribed!

  4. Love Cedar Ring Circle on FB!!!

  5. I joined the co-op as well, such a beautiful choice of art supplies, toys and wooolens!
    I love the giveaway, cloth diapers are great and woolen covers fantastic.

  6. Just subscribed! I heard about your co-op from another mama in my Waldorf homeschooling group & I’m so glad I checked in. 🙂

  7. …and I just liked you on Facebook. What a great giveaway! 🙂

  8. …and I registered at Cedar Ring Circle. Thanks for the chance on such a wonderful giveaway. 🙂

  9. I’m registered! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. …and subscribed! Thanks for another chance to win! BTW, our sons share the same taste in rainboots. So cute!

  11. Thrilled to be a member, I have “liked” you for a long time and will be happy to subscribe to this wonderful blog! So excited to get my woolen diaper cover and amber necklace I ordered last month. They look adorable on your wee one!

  12. We love Engel products and am happy to have found your site! Its great! I just registered with you and am trying to “like” you on FB!!! Hope we win!

  13. I am liking Cedar Ring on facebook and I am gonna follow your blog from now on! Really cute boys too!

  14. I am so happy to be part of your cedar ring collective!! We love woolens and use only cloth diapers. I love that there are so many people blogging about this these days. Here’s to healthier children, families, and a healthier planet!

    (sorry…I 1st posted this under the wrong blog post!)

    I’m already registered at Cedar Ring Circle. Thanks so much!

  15. I’m registered at Cedar Ring!

  16. I’m following your blog! Congrats on the Cedar Ring Circle by the way. I think it’s a great idea!

  17. Such a nice giveaway~! Cedar Ring Circle looks like an excellent option for families to get wonderful products.

  18. I’m a registered member of CRC 🙂

  19. And I already LIKE you on Facebook 🙂

  20. … and now I am a happy subscriber to the Cedar Ring Mama blog 🙂

    thanks for the generous giveaway!

  21. I am a registered member of CRC. What a great community!

  22. I am subscribed to your blog. I heard about your group through Donna Ashton’s The Waldorf Connection, which is a great website too.

  23. Oh I’d love to win! new one on the way…
    so, friended on Facebook

  24. Congratulations on your new blog! Thank you for the entry into your giveaway. 🙂

  25. I “Liked” you on Facebook! 🙂

  26. Me too! I subscribed! I am so happy to learn all about the wool entities. I have always loved wool and use it with my own little ones but didn’t know quite all the details about development and so forth so thanks for the info! I have always wanted to put my little ones in just wool also but just didn’t have the budget for it. Now that I am a Cedar Ring member I am super excited to start boosting their wardrobe with some lovelies from the store! Yea! Thanks ladies! Happy Weekending! I subscribed, linked you in my blog and “like” you on facebook!

  27. yeah, congrats on the venture – i’ll be readin’ ; )

  28. Hello! First time to be here. It was a very interesting & useful article on the importance of warmth. Thank you for the info, and also for the chance to win!

  29. I would love to win this!! What a great giveaway!

  30. I just registered too! 🙂

  31. Subscribed to the blog!

  32. Fanned on FB!

  33. liked on facebook 🙂

  34. Hey, registered for the waldorf co-op, what a great assortment of items you have! I cannot wait to make my first order 🙂 Thanks for creating such a neat store!

  35. I subscribed to the blog and would love to be entered!

  36. I liked cedar ring on FB 🙂

  37. Registered on the site!

  38. I subscribed through google reader (emptyspeculation at gmail . com)

  39. I liked you on FB

  40. I registered on your website!

  41. i’ve subscribed! i LOVE amber on my child too, definitely takes the edge off the teething pain for her! And the diapers.. hooow perfect! We have found wool works the best for my lil one because of how sensitive she is to heat.. disposables, and even pocket diapers trap the heat too much for her! These look fantastic 🙂

  42. fanned you guys on facebook.. looks like you share some great sales and info on there 🙂

  43. Love you store and new inspiring blog Becca…..thank you for being the blessing that you are

  44. I subscribed. Your products look wonderful, and I heard about you from the Leaky B@@b. We use fitted diapers and usually use fleece covers b/c I have been afraid of wool, but this looks easy to use!

  45. heard about this from TLB. i’m in the process of switching from sposies to cloth and using a friend’s stash in the meantime. i would LOVE to win and start building my supply!

  46. I registered at Cedar Ring Circle and heard about your blog from TLB and your shop from your blog!

  47. Registered on site 🙂

  48. Liked you on facebook 🙂

  49. Following blog. Love it 🙂

  50. I’m subscribed via Google reader. That soaker looks SO soft!

  51. Just subscribed to the blog!

  52. I’m a facebook fan, too!

  53. …and a coop member. Heard about crc through the waldorf yahoo group. Love the offerings so far and so glad to have heard about the group!

  54. I would love enter, thanks! New baby coming in a few weeks!

  55. aw, I’m so disappointed I missed this! It sounds great!

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