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Spring Equinox 2011 Giveaway


The birds have returned and are chirping outside the windows again, the garlic bulbs are poking up out of the earth. The sap buckets are filling up. Spring must be here, because it is MUDDY!

To celebrate this season of early morning serenades, waking seed babies, puddles and mudpies, the Cedar Ring mamas have put together a delightful giveaway for you.   Spice up your nature table or a corner of your home with a new 36″ pastel colored playsilk from Fairy Cove Silks, whimsical 100% beeswax bird shaped candles from Big Dipper Waxworks, an egg-shaped pillar candle, and, to start off your spring crafting supply stash- a pound of pure North American beeswax.  And we’re throwing in three of our favorite spring-sowing heirloom seeds, too- fence-climbing sweet peas, fun porcupine calendulas, and bright cosmos.

To enter, head on over to Cedar Ring Circle and do a little window-shopping.  Whether it’s our newly added children’s rain and mud pants, Elsa Beskow books, or anything else that strikes your fancy, tell us one thing you love from our catalog in a blog comment.  Want another chance?  Blog  or post about our giveaway on facebook and you’re entered again.

Here’s a little more about beeswax and these beautiful Big Dipper Waxworks candles. Big Dipper has sourced out high quality beeswax from  US and Canadian producers and carefully creates their candles by hand in small batches.  Not all beeswax is alike- and it takes special skill to keep a balance between honey content and purity in filtration.  We talked to the folks at Big Dipper about how their beeswax has enough honey to retain a sweet scent, and enough filtration to produce an even, non-sooty burn.  The Pacific Northwest, where the bulk of their beeswax comes from, has some of the lowest pesticide use around, resulting in a safer beeswax than many of the cheaper alternatives from other sources. Their candles burn “with a steady, healthy-sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches that of the sun”.  They also produce some of the most beautiful, colored beeswax candles we’ve ever seen, made with eco-friendly dyes that do not contain hazardous solvents or additives like naptha or napthalene!

Many people don’t realize that commonly used paraffin wax candles are not only non-renewably sourced (derived from petroleum products), but can actually be negative in terms of health as you breathe in their fumes.  Beeswax, on the other hand, is sweet-smelling and “cleans the air” with its natural properties.  Beeswax candles also produce negative ions when burning – learn more about this benefit here.

And one last thing- while they may be pricier than their synthetic wax counterparts, beeswax candles tend to have the longest burn time around.  Co-op members have access to a selection of Big Dipper candles at very affordable prices.  We know you’ll love them!

We’ve been busy over at Cedar Ring Circle, and you may notice our website has changed a little.  We’ve begun to add select items to our new store catalog, which is open to the general public and offers free shipping on most items to 48 states (Hawaii and Alaska residents, please email for shipping rates).  Some of our favorites?  These rain-and-mud pants keep your child dry and warm during wet spring nature walks and outdoors play, and also protect their clothes from getting dirty (a little laundry relief!).  Perfect for the nature-loving household!

These are available for $28.50 including shipping in our store, and just $19.50 for co-op members.

And a special something for mamas with babes- the baby-wearing poncho!

Co-op members will notice the co-op section of the catalog is now sorted by manufacturer to prevent confusion, and while our prices have appeared to change, our discounts remain intact in the form of special promo codes available to members only.  A few of our manufacturers have asked us to keep member discounts private, so we decided it would be best not to publish the prices we carefully worked out with them to serve the needs of budget-minded families who are trying to find a way to “do Waldorf” frugally.  Our membership option has changed too- it now covers an entire year, not just six months.

Enjoy your spring equinox- and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.  We leave you with a few pictures showing what we’ve been up to!

Walking in the woods (what a great stick we found!).


Tapping maples for syrup.


Starting seeds and indulging in garden fantasies! Yes, our gardens are HUGE!

(By the way, last month the co-op did an heirloom seed order.  We had to order in multiples of 5 and we have a few seeds left, which are in the store catalog at Cedar Ring Circle.  We’ll send them out immediately with free shipping.)

We’ll be back soon to announce the giveaway winners on the 28th!

And the winner (generated by random.org) is:

Comment #34


16″ Waldorf Dolls for my 3 kids. I’ve been wanting some forever!

107 thoughts on “Spring Equinox 2011 Giveaway

  1. I have been searching for proper candles to burn in our home.. I knew to stay away from paraffin, but couldn’t find a perfect fit! These look fantastic. I have a collection of beautiful candle holders that have sat unused for tooooo long 🙂

  2. Oh! I window-shop almost daily!!! I see lots of books I would love to have, like “The Story of the Rabbit Children”. But, my purchase this month will be of woolens!!! I love to go camping, and it get a little cold at night.
    Would love to win, one can never have enough candles!

  3. I love the knitted play foods. They are adorable!

  4. I posted about the giveaway on FB.

  5. decisions, decisions… always love the super ferby pencils!!
    what a fabulous giveaway this month! fingers crossed for me!

  6. i blogged about the giveaway, too! (toes crossed now, as well!)

  7. First of all, those candles are just gorgeous. They would be lovely on our table and seasonal scene to welcome the Spring. Second of all, those mud/rain pants might even keep my little puddle hoppers dry–quite a feat. And finally, oh how my 6 year old would love a wooden wash board and drying rack so that she could tend to the doll’s clothes with love and care. Thanks for everything!

  8. I love the beeswax song bird candles! Perfect for our seasonal nature finds table. It’s been a long hard winter here in the midwest and we’re welcoming the spring with open arms! Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful gifts!

  9. I just found the little acorn learner and am so excited about it and seeing this giveway was so exciting when I saw all of the new learning tools on my daughter who I am just starting on homeschooling! We would love any of the wooden colored beads.Thanks!

  10. Wonderful blog and would love to win..

  11. Wow, dreaming of those rain pants. Imagine outdoor play in mud and rain, peeling off the rain pants and not having a big muddy pile of clothes on the floor and wet naked children running through the house.
    Yes, these look great!

  12. I would love to grow some Violet Jasper Tomatoes, they just look amazing.

  13. Love the bird-shaped beeswax candles. I sure hope you ship to Canada!

  14. Lovely! I would LOVE some rain/mud pants for my creek ramblin’ kid! Oh, and every book by Elsa Beskow!! 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  15. I like the All Year round book as I live bokks and use the daily in my Family child care hoe. I like books that I can use with different ages. Susan

  16. The candles look great!

    The knitted food looks adorable. My girls would have great fun with it in their little kitchen.

  17. I have been looking at your sight in preparations for an Easter order! I love to re-fresh with nice art supplies for the Easter baskets, and was so happy to find your sight and your co-op prices 🙂

    The giveaway is great, thanks for the chance! Sheila

  18. I LOVE that you have heirloom seeds! What a great way to spread such an important message. The prices are really good too. Love those rain pants. Peace fleece, all the great Waldorf books. Great message here.

  19. Cedar Ring is amazing – what a huge asset for Waldorf inspired families. I love the new mud pants, and it’s wonderful to see all of the new books. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  20. Wow! I had no idea that such a thing existed as a Waldorf Coop. How amazing! I love everything, but my favorite is definitely the babywearing poncho – I’ve been searching for this sort of thing! Love the dancing finger doll, too!

  21. I REALLY love the mud & rain pants! I have triplet grandsons who are definitely “ALL BOY”! They could really use pants like these.

  22. I love the Elsa Beskow books and would choose Pele’s New Suit. Thanks for the chance!

  23. I have been searching for a way to usher in spring for my kids. We try to purchase or make beeswax candles but sometimes finding the molds is hard. These are not only super cute, but they represent key elements of spring- the return of many birds (robins), and of course eggs.
    The pants would be so helpful, we have a ton of mud and it is too warm for snow pants and too mucky for even regular play clothes.
    Very well done and artfully presented!

  24. I love Elsa Beskow books! I’ll take one of each. All of our books are falling apart and have been around since my siblings and I were wee!

    • Amanda, great idea for falling apart books- which I plan to blog about another time- we have laminated the damaged pages together, then cut out each figure or scene we liked, then hot glued pieces of felt to the back. Then our kids make up the stories again or create new ones with the beloved figures on a big piece of plywood covered in felt for a do-it-yourself feltboard.

  25. I am loving the Russian Hand-Painted Wooden Knitting Needles because even if I never get to all of those knitting projects I want to do…they’re just gorgeous! I can arrange them in a vintage vase for an always fresh and pretty display between projects (which is most of the time!). Happy spring!

  26. I love the rain pants! Wouldn’t those be a clothes saver?!

  27. What a beautiful store. We love all the things you have to offer. I have to pick the Evi dolls though. These are more girls favorite and you have great prices! Thanks =)

  28. oh my goodness! i would love to win!

  29. i am a kindy teacher who requires parents to provide their children with rain gear at the beginning of the year. i am thrilled to add your mud and rain pants to their resources! they look great!

  30. I had a great time writing a blog feature about you today! Check it out at http://olympiawaldorf.blogspot.com/2011/03/check-out-cedar-ring-circle.html. On behalf of all Waldorf families and schools, thank you for doing this good work!

  31. My little boy loves to wash napkins with the washboard at our Morning Garden program, so I would choose the maple washboard for him. What a great site and thanks for the giveaway!

  32. What a lovely giveaway. Someone will be very excited to win this. I love the lovely roving from Louet fiber arts, and that baby wearer’s poncho is just perfect. I may be ordering it soon 🙂

  33. We adore Elsa Beskow! One of her books is always read at bed time!your site is amazing! thank you for being there for us!

  34. 16″ Waldorf Dolls for my 3 kids. I’ve been wanting some forever!

  35. I just adore the Story of the Snow Children book, because for some reason it reminds me of my favorite book as a child (the Mitten).

  36. As a crafter, I can never get enough beeswax! This is a great giveaway.

    I ADORE the baby wearers poncho. What a great idea!

  37. I love the book additions (EB as well as the nonfiction choices–two thumbs up!) this month. And the rain pants. And that we can shop little acorn right at the coop site. And, of course, the giveaway. How very generous!

  38. I love the books in the bookshelf section and the wonderful art supplies. And the price of the wool roving, amazing! Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  39. Love those bird candles!

  40. Wow! You have so many things to offer at Cedar Ring! I am adoring and thinking of the many possibilities we will be able to do with all that beautiful roving! Homeschooling my 3 kids and one loves to spin on the spinning wheel and the 8 yr old loves the drop spindle!
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  41. Wonderful stuff! We dont have any playsilks yet – the Fairy Cove playsilks look lovely. Thanks for giveaway.

  42. I liked the Cuddle babies! This is a cute site. I’m stewing on becoming a member. 🙂

  43. What a coincidence, I was just looking into this yesterday! I really love the Evi Flower dolls, they are just precious!

  44. I love the candles, the books and the roving…..My boy would love a drop spindle too. Thanks 🙂

  45. I love the collection of Elsa Beskow books. I will be perusing your site some more, and mentioning you to our local Waldorf inspired playschool!

  46. What a beautiful giveaway! I really need to join your co-op. So many wonderful things that you sell.

  47. This is an awesome idea. I love the selection and how you’ve made it affordable!!

  48. so many goodies, but we always need woolens! the baby leggings are adorable!

    lovely giveaway!

    • Check back soon Regina, there will be a lot more woolens soon. We recently updated the catalog and had a strange glitch where the sizes and colors ended up attached to different items. We are working on restoring the other woolens, and making sure our cauliflower seeds don’t come in size newborn or 3-6 months in your choice of navy blue or red! 😉

  49. Oh, how I love your catalog and blog! We are new to your site and just received our first order today. Can’t wait to order more from your lovely store!

  50. I would love the mosaic square for my home-schooled five-year-old.

  51. I love the many beautiful wood toys on the Cedar Ring Circle site. I think my favorite thing would be the needle felting starter kit, because I have really wanted to learn how to do that.

  52. I love all of the products you carry – some are part of our home and others I drool over, but my favorite thing on the entire site is the fact that it’s a co-op. Community, sharing, coming together…. that is what will get us through anything. Way to go, Mamas! Thank you for starting this and helping out many families.

  53. I am currently interested in what I can do with bees wax, so I fancy that. So happy to learn about this website!

  54. I like the flower dolls, (the Evi Dolls)…I see them on Nature tables all over, and I’d love one of my own.
    I’m going to do some more reading about your co-op…we’re in Canada, sometimes the insane duty prices hit us hard…how do you ship things out of the US?
    xo maureen

    • Hi Maureen- I am currently working on getting a tariff list together for a group of Waldorf homeschoolers in Toronto. It may be a few months before I have it all compiled as it is a tedious process, but many things are still reasonable. I’ll let you know when we open up to Canadian co-op members.

  55. Oh how we will need those rain paints! If only they came in bigger sizes in the coming years. I found so much to enjoy and drool over on your site…the wool lambskin with the natural tanning, the beeswax bird candles are a favorite and the lyres look lovely. We just suffered the loss of a wonderful natural parenting store in our own town, so I will be passing along your website to those still in search of great products like these. Keep up the good work!


  56. I love all the roving!! Pick me! Pick me! xoxo peace and love & congrats on the co-op!

  57. Came over from Little Acorn Learning! WOW! What a wonderful, loving assortment of products. I love the beeswax candles, peace fleece needls, the story puzzle. and the childrens clothes line. And Oh there is so much more. I can’t wait to go back and browse. Thanks for the chance. Your giveaway package is AMAZING!

  58. So happy to learn about this web site, too, as we look to homeschool our son through kindergarten (at least) in the Waldorf way.

    I might return in a few months to purchase the Choroi Pentatonic Flute for my birthday; that’s one of the best prices I’ve seen on it so far!

  59. What a wonderful shop. The rain pants would be very welcome here for a wet and wild spring nature walks.
    Looking forward to more info for those of us in Canada!

  60. Posted on FB too, happily!

  61. The mudpants are great. I usually get mine from Germany….but these are just like them.

  62. Love your webstie! I have been wondering for ever where to get the rain pants. So nice you are selling them. I also love that three mama’s got together to do this. What a great way to promote what you love!

  63. I so luv the book, The Land of Long Ago, by Elsa Beskow. Also luv the beeswax products and your entire store!

  64. definitely the mud/rain pants!
    the snow is melting fast and is MUDDY, and who doesn’t want to go play outside when the weather is warmer and the birds are singing?!

  65. Oh, I would love a lambskin for our fall baby, or a elements wooden toys for my daughter. So many beautiful things!

  66. Oh my gosh your pictures are lovely what a great blog! I hope I win!

  67. The book, All Year Round, looks great!

  68. I love so many things on your site: the woolen soaker for my baby, the Fairytale Dream Cape for my 3 year old or all of the wonderful variety of heirloom seeds that you carry (hadn’t even heard of lime basil before! Yum!).

  69. We have those puddle pants for my son and I can not say enough good things about them. They are adjustable so they last as your child grows, easy to wash, and perfect for all kinds of outside play.
    Browsing your site, I love the block crayons. I can’t wait until my little girl is old enough to use some. This giveaway is wonderful! We are big beeswax fans too! Thank you!

  70. We love this co-op! Our family has been so pleased with the prices and customer service. On the site, the Camden Rose drying stand is really neat. You can hang your child’s hand washing easily, it’s true. You can hang artwork too!

  71. Love those rain and mud pants… have mama sizes by any chance? 😉

  72. I am just learning about Waldorf and found you through Little Acorn, and so happy I did! I will be joining the co op to gather the resources I need to get my home ready and begin playing with my 4, 2, and 4 month old Waldorf style! Thank you for providing an affordable way for moms like me to do this, as my budget is very limited. I love the rain pants…and the beeswax candles…and the books…where to begin? I will enjoy making my Cedar Ring wish list!

  73. Bourette Silk Soothing Diaper Liner really got my eye, we EC and use cloth for back up but ouchies still get to out bums sometime and these just are very intriguing.

  74. … and I posted to my facebook 😀

  75. love the lambskins!!

  76. I love the bird shaped beeswax candles! They are sooo cute!

  77. I missed the heiloom seed order. I am so glad to see some are still available. My favorite item is from Peace Fleece, the turnip puzzle. Thank you for the giveaway and for so many options available in your co op.

  78. I am loving everything on your site! There’s too much great stuff to decide…OK I’ll go with the knitted food. Super cute!
    Thanks for all your hard work to make this possible for so many Waldorf families! Every month I am so excited to get my orders.

  79. I like the maple washboard from camden rose.

  80. What an exciting giveaway. The silks are gorgeous and wonderful to see some heirloom seeds.

  81. I love those rain/mud pants. I couldn’t figure out how to select a specific size on the page, though.

    • Thanks Lisa- we recently updated our catalog and unfortunately lost most of the size attributes, I’m adding them back in where I catch them and appreciate you bringing it to our attention, it is fixed now =)

  82. I just love the Evi flower dolls! So cute in their little size.

  83. What a fun giveaway! With a new baby on the way, I think we’ve got our eye on the sheepskins …

    Best wishes!

  84. oh i love love love you shop and certainly don’t need an excuse to window shop. I love the baby wearer poncho – what a great idea! For a mama with a daughter that loves cuddles and being close this is perfect!

  85. Such a nice shop! I love everything! We would love to place the egg and birds candles, and also the Peace fleece six chickens at the center of our Spring table. I also love the babywearing rain poncho. So many things that we would loooove to have! Do you ship to Canada?

  86. I love the wooden toys at the shop!

    what a lovely giveaway, I’m glad I found this site! (from the ad on facebook)

  87. I love the rain gear, fabulous

  88. I love the song bird candles, they look so cheery!

  89. What a great giveaway! I love your products! It is so hard to choose one favorite! I am definitely eying the Evi dolls and some beeswax candles!


  90. Love the knit food! And all the art supplies. Great prices.

  91. Love everything…really excited about Camden Rose and woolens!!

  92. great! you’re putting together a really terrific selection…wonderful!

  93. I would really like to have one of everything but for now I would have to say the Engel wool/silk long johns are what I need.

  94. Lots of great stuff on there! But that Dragon Dreams Silk Cape is certainly calling to me! Great giveaway!

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