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A Waldorf Moment…


You know those beautiful pictures in natural toy catalogs and websites where the happy children run through meadows wearing beautiful silk play clothes, looking as content as can be?  I held off on getting my children silks for a while, wondering if our muddy, homesteading life might put too much wear and tear on them.  But recently I couldn’t resist ordering a set of playsilks. And those fairytale pictures? They have come true!

I never would have expected my practical,  rough and tough little tank of a three year-old to be running around delighted that his cape blows in the wind and makes him “fly”- but he’ll do it for hours on a beautiful spring day!  Maybe I should get one… they seem to convey super powers of endless energy!  When he gets tired of running, he asks me to tie it around his waist as a belt and proceeds to beat unseen enemies with sticks.

In addition to imaginative play, the silks have found another unique use in our family.  When the little ones have tantrums or crying spells, as the turmoil begins to settle and they slowly re-enter the rational world, I scoop them up, wrap them in their special silk (each child has one color they picked out), and rock them.  We don’t speak until they are ready, and it’s just a quiet silky mama embrace.  Now they go and get their silk when they are ready to calm down- like a shimmering truce flag!

Hope your day is filled with happy child moments…

3 thoughts on “A Waldorf Moment…

  1. I love the ‘truce flag’ idea! My little one has been having a lot of tantrums lately, maybe we’ll try this!

  2. Looks like he’s having so much fun! I share your fascination with them. I want one too! In fact I often pick one up and wrap myself in it. They are so lovely! My boys have a blast with them as capes as well.

  3. Your little boy looks so happy! That smile couldn’t possibly get bigger.

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