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The Battle of Cinco De Mayo

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Last time the Cedar Ring mamas ventured out into the woods on our weekly co-op nature walk, we picked a special tree to call “home base” for our sunlit story times and wind-kissed wanderings.  There were many great trees to choose from. One that called to us (and the children) seems to be a century-old Eastern White Pine.  It has an incredibly low bough that shoots out along the ground as if reaching out, beckoning to us, as well as many good climbing branches. And, having soaked up 100 years of the sun’s rays and seen a million sunrises and sunsets, it is a knowing tree.

We spruced it up a little (no pun intended ;)) and snapped away some of the dry, dead branches on the bottom to leave plenty of room for our group to sit beneath its upper branches.

This week, we came to decorate it.  We plan to bring something most weeks- grapevine wreaths with flowers, moss, and pinecones entwined; seashell mobiles; paper chains perhaps.  But today we brought material to build special Cinco De Mayo forts.  Yes, the grown-ups and babies are the French, with our frilly flags and lacy forts-

While the children play very practical Mexicans, with their huge sheet encampment.

Load up the wagon with ammunition- pinecone grenades, of course!

The fighting is fierce.

There are “ambushes” (or maybe it’s some other kind of bush? I just can’t help it with the plant puns!)…

There are look-outs…

Prisoners are taken.

In the end, the Mexicans win.  Notes of victory are played on the pentatonic glockenspiel.

The tireless victors don capes and venture off in search of new conquests!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!

(And I must give credit for the beautiful idea of hanging colorful, delicate silks from strong and mighty trees to the long lost Childhood Magic blog, where many of us drew inspiration for a time.)

One thought on “The Battle of Cinco De Mayo

  1. Love it! Looks like such fun! I so miss Childhood Magic, it’s too bad it’s no longer.


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