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The Creek (And A Giveaway!)


This time of year, one of our favorite things to do is play by the creek in the woods.  Today, the Cedar Ring mamas packed our babies on our backs and headed to the “Magic Lagoon” with our children.

The boys run ahead and arrive first…

And then JUMP IN!

The Magic Lagoon is a sweet spot with a rocky ledge, small waterfall, a few feet of water to splash around in, and plenty of fallen logs to sit on or climb. It’s enclosed by the woods- nice and shady- and tucked away from the world.

We build a small fairy lagoon on the rocky ledge…

Where a wee boat made of bark, twig, and leaf awaits…

We build rock towers…

And as we turn the rocks, we are sometimes lucky enough to find a crawdad!

Of course, toads are welcome finds, too!

And as the children play, I sit and soak it all in.  My cup is filled. And so is my little one’s, as she nurses to sleep with the waterfall lulling her.

These are the moments I will always remember.

Speaking of remembering, do you remember we promised more giveaways for the Waldorf Connection Expo?  Our second giveaway is a lovely rainbow element from Grimm’s Spiel und Holz.

Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op will be ordering from Grimm’s soon- orders are due by the 15th of June (all other manufacturer orders are due end of the month, but shipping from Germany takes longer and we want everything to arrive at the same time to keep our eco-footprint and shipping costs down).  As always, members receive a promo code for a private discount on Grimm’s. We are also offering new members a $5 credit towards your first order when you join the co-op by June 28th! Just use the code EXPO when you join and your account will be authorized and loaded up with the credit within 24 hours.

For a chance to win the rainbow element, simply browse the Cedar Ring Circle co-op catalog and leave a comment telling us something you like.  And keep checking back- there will be three more giveaways announced this weekend!!!  We’ll be adding quite a few more Grimm’s items before the 15th (including birthday ring number decorations), so be sure to check back and see what’s new at Cedar Ring Circle, too!

Congratulations, Hannah! You win the rainbow element.

26 thoughts on “The Creek (And A Giveaway!)

  1. I love the “JUMP IN” (with shoes !) shot!! Looks like such a fun day!! Thanks for sharing!! ❤

  2. Oh, my goodness, the “Home” page says Welcome Shawn to Cedar Ring Circle! I love the personal touch and the Grimm’s birthday ring and spiral. I just have to decide which one! Thank you so much for all you do for our families!

  3. What a sweet magic lagoon! I am already a member 🙂 I can’t wait to order a lambskin. I am saving up for it!

  4. What a magical creek you have. How much fun you must all have exploring. As for the co-op, all I can sa is WOW! I had so much fun browsing. I am not yet a member, but think I will be soon. I found so many things we would love to have for our homeschool. Chorio flutes, stockmar wax, paints and crayons, main lesson books and more. I will be heading back over to take a closer look.

  5. I think your earthschooling pks are a great idea! And I LOVE the rimm’s large rainbow set-what a fun gift!

  6. Your adventures look like so much fun! Sometimes I really wish we lived near water! There’s so much to love at the co-op. I love the Grimm’s elements and also the covered wagon. We are really into the little house books so I think my eldest would enjoy that especially.

    Fun giveaways! Thanks!


  7. I think I love the candles the most! The smell of beeswax makes me happy!
    I just love your fairy lagoon!

  8. With the change of seasons comes a need for new inspiration in the kitchen. My favorite item from the co-op is “Cooking For the Love Of The World – Awakening Our Spirituality Through Cooking”. This sounds like an inspiring read. Thanks for supplying such great selection of books!

  9. Hi there! What a nice giveaway, One item from your catalog that I pleases me to see is your Louet wool roving. So many nice offerings. happy summer!

  10. I’ve been really wanting to get into needle felting, so the one thing I look at every month is the needle felting starter kit. One of these days I’ll place a “mommy” order so that I can learn!

  11. wow. the real question is what DON”T I like. The Evi dolls are just precious, and my girls would love them. I am going to read more about this co-op…it seems like a wonderful idea!

  12. i love your creek pictures! We have been spending lots of time on our creek as well. It’s been the best way to beat the heat! i LOVE the Gnome Fairytale Dolls!! thanks for the chance! enchantedtree(at)hotmail.com

  13. I really like the Grimm’s Beads Sorting Compartments! I would use them for little nature trinkets, rather than beads. One day … ; )

  14. Love your pictures of the children having so much fun at the lagoon 🙂 How fun! So many wonderful things in your shop to. I love the grimm’s snail puzzle and so many more 🙂

  15. we just spent a day at a creek here in AZ. such a great way to spend the day. 🙂

  16. i love all the art supplies you have!

  17. LOVE The Grimms baker house…

  18. I love the lambskin rugs. 🙂

  19. I really like the stockmar paints… or rather I am very interested in trying them!! I am a lifetime member of Earthschooling but still feel like I am new to Waldorf. I’ve never met another family that schools this way so I feel a bit disconnected but want to learn more. I have wanted one of these stackers for my girls for a few years now and would be just over joyed to win it!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!



  20. Oh my goodness. so much awesome! Well the Grade one pack to go along with grade 1 earthschooling is pretty awesome as i’m in ‘plan for this fall mode’ but there is much to be look and drooled at over there!

  21. such beautiful photos!! I am loving the lambskins…we have a few in our house..they are well used and I’m always searching for more:) xoxoxo

  22. I have been eyeing the lambskin, but also the children’s vitamins… Looking at the website makes me feel like I am a little girl again, I love all of the beautiful toys! I would especially love to win this giveaway since my daughter has been begging for the rainbow for some time now 🙂

  23. We spent the day outside in the woods yesterday too and Marquise found a toad as well… he was so cute following it around as it hopped under the trees 🙂

    I placed my first order last month and there are so many more things I want (EVERYTHING… LOL), but actually the large wood stacking rainbow is so AWESOME. If we don’t win, I will still buy it.

  24. My granddaughter loves to paint and I think she would love the Stockmar wax as well. Thanks for the giveaway. cokelush at gmail

  25. My favorite item is the children’s harp. My children would love to have such a lovely instrument to play and learn! But I also love the annual ring, or the star table decoration.

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