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A Space Of Love


Yesterday I sat cross-legged in the garden with the little bugs exploring me every now and then and the wind scolding the flies away and cooling me as the warm sun worked its magic.  This time of year, I can almost feel the pulsing energy of Life- stretching, reaching, wanting to be known.  Everywhere in our garden, it’s as if the single cry of all the little seeds and plants is to push up- see that sun, feel that wind.  The Earth is so fertile and full.  With great wisdom, whenever we roto-till or dig up a bare place, she hurries to fill it back in with… Life!

(Green Beans)

When I first moved to the country about four years ago and began to garden, I would become so frustrated by weeds.  Now, I know that the term “weed” is derogatory, really; a weed is simply a plant one wishes was not growing in the place it has chosen.  I’ve seen what happens when a barren patch of earth is left barren too long- if it is dry, the ground becomes dusty and crumbly, and the wind can erode it; if it is freshly tilled and heavy rains come, the waters can erode it.  Actually, even the air can “erode” nutrients; many of them oxidize with oxygen exposure.  And it amazes me how even in the dryest weather, sometimes if I visit a patch of thick weeds a few feet away from a parched spot, I will find a bit of moisture on the bottoms of the leaves, or underneath the thickest, “weediest” place, where the plants have acted as a greenhouse covering, keeping the little bit of moisture protected from the eye of the sun and giving the little buglets a place to drink some leftover dew.


Now, when I see a bare patch, I almost feel embarrassed for the Earth, as if she was naked!  I know she prefers to be covered, I know it is better for the soil and better for the little creatures, many of them helpful (like those wonderful earthworms!).  Of course, it wouldn’t do to just let the weeds overrun the little seedlings we are cultivating, either.  They will grow stronger and healthier if they have room to grow, if they don’t have to share the water and nutrients with other (and perhaps bigger) plants trying to crop up.  As I weed I might sing little seed songs, and I offer my love and gratitude for each little seedling that has emerged- or as I like to think, chosen to be here with me!  “Weeding” is a sweet opportunity to get up close and intimate with my little plants, knowing this will help them offer back to me everything I need in our symbiotic relationship.

(My Garden)

In the Ringing Cedars books from which our co-op borrowed its name, Anastasia, the main character, shares some wonderful gardening insights.  She talks about how important it is to connect with your garden in a living way- so cast aside those shoes and gardening gloves and walk barefoot and touch with your fingers!  When you plant a seed, first make the earth bed soft with your fingers, and spit in the hole if you are so inclined. Now hold the seed in your mouth or in your tightly closed, sweaty palm for a few moments; let your own body fluids with their particular chemistry (acid or alkaline) and “flora” (all the little microbes, such as probiotics) envelope the seed.  The seed, in turn, will take in those things as “clues”, if you will, of what you need.  Your garden will know you intimately, and know what particular nutrients you may need most.  It will be a garden unique to you, and a “healing garden”.


Now this immediately resonated with me, because I’ve read The Secret Life of Plants and I know there is MUCH more to plants than meets the eye.  Did you know a scientist has been able to hook up garage door openers to plants and the plant can activate the door to open when the home owner approaches and simply wills his plant to do it?  But if someone who has not cared for the plant, who the plant doesn’t “know” tries to open the door – nothing.  They’ve actually hooked up plants to polygraphs (lie detectors), too, because electrodes attached to plants can help them visibly display a reading that discerns certain human intentions (such as to harm a nearby plant).  Crazy, wonderful information- which makes the whole outdoor experience become a wonder land of inter-connectivity.  The world has come incredibly alive to me with these revelations!  Of course, when we read about Dr. Emoto’s work with the memory of water, and we consider that plants contain a lot of water (as do we), its just another fitting piece of the puzzle. Even water reacts to human action.

Now, perhaps there are no scientific studies yet to verify if Anastasia is correct, but this way of gardening really resonates with me and I don’t need studies to prove what my inner knowing verifies.  It simply makes sense, from what I already know about the Creator (who gave us these plants for food and medicine) and Nature, and the richness of beauty and wisdom we humans barely tap the depths of when we approach the natural world.  If you doubt, I urge you to try it for yourself!  See what changes occur in your whole mindset and relationship to the natural world when you interact with it this way.

Speaking of food and “knowing”, it always surprised me that when people read the story of the Garden of Eden, they didn’t focus more on the fact that a tree fruit had the ability to convey the Knowledge of Good and Evil!  Talk about our food having different properties.  In the East, there are whole systems classifying food and its properties, helping interested seekers discover which particular foods best suit their particular needs.  I find this much more fascinating than the typical American approach of shoving whatever strikes our fancy down the hatch!  As I explore the Ayurvedic doshas I know that my body has a hot, dry tendency and the cooling and lubricating foods best support my needs.  Perhaps all that cooling wild spearmint that has grown like crazy in our garden is encouraged to grow there for me, knowing it is exactly what I need!

Remember the mini-hoophouse I made in April?

It worked out so well!  We really got a head start for our cool elevated zone.

I am also interested in learning more about biodynamic gardening.  I already try to plant by the moon- when the moon is waning, I plant my root veggies so they can grow deep down; when it is waxing, I plant seeds that will grow leaves and fruit above ground so the pull of the moon is strong and helps them poke up (just like the tides!).  I’ve also learned little tricks about when to plant; oftentimes, the blossoms or fading of other plants signal the time is right to plant a certain variety (for instance, we don’t do our potatoes until the dandelions have mostly all gone to seed).

Now, back to that “Space of Love” concept from Anastasia.  She urges us (especially as mothers) to create a unique space on our plot of land, little or big as it may be  and to create a “living border” for it.  At first, you can plant rapidly growing and useful plants such as berry bushes, around the perimeter of your property.  Willows grow quickly, too. Also intersperse fruit and hardwood trees throughout if possible, so in the end you have this beautiful living border that surrounds your space of love, protects it, and offers nuts, berries, fruit, and valuable timber for future needs your family has.  I have thought about how even those in apartments can do this with container plants (herbs, maybe?)  in strategic places- even hanging from hooks- around the home.  Nurture this space, hold it in your heart as sacred; make this a place you can be rooted in and teach your children what incredible confidence we can have when we create a bit of self-reliance around us.  Of course, this attitude will also help end our oil fixation, as most of our food comes from farming methods dependent on oil, transportation dependent on oil, warehoused in supermarkets dependent on oil and other energy sucking devices, even packaging derived using oil (as much of our plastic is).

As my idea of a Space of Love has become entrenched in my heart, the “hold” my land has on me pulls me back to it strongly!  I don’t like to leave for very long, and when I do I am so happy to come back.  I’ve birthed two babies right here on this land, and it already holds such dear memories!

Our “Fertility” Symbol

(At the end of the Garden, we built a teepee for the children.  Climbing plants like beans, morning glories, and squash will use it as a trellis, creating a fun hiding spot by late summer!)

Oh- and a few giveaways for my friends out there!  To enter, share about Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op or these blog Giveaways via email, Facebook, word of mouth, or through your own blog, and leave a comment telling how you shared and which one of these three giveaways would best meet your needs.

Giveaway # 1: Childrens’ Learn to Knit Kit from Peace Fleece. Congratulations, Michelle!!

Giveaway #2: Wooden Gnome-In-A-Tree Puzzle from Peace Fleece. Congratulations, Nicole J.-K.! (and I like your blog by the way- what beautiful children!!)

And Giveaway #3: One year’s Co-op Membership ($25 value). Congratulations, Elizabeth! Welcome to Cedar Ring Circle.

(Don’t forget to read the past two posts for the first giveaways; and all 5 giveaways are open until Friday at midnight). Good luck, and I’m sending out my best wishes for success to all of you mamas creating your own Space of Love for your family.

45 thoughts on “A Space Of Love

  1. I really enjoy Cedar Ring Circle. I told my mommy-baby-toddler group about the co-op. I would really like the one-year co-op membership to extend my participation in this community for another year! It’s great!

  2. Fascinating information on gardening! Lately I’ve been praying for my Garden, seeing it as a manifestation of Life- which is God! Of course Life-God thrives so why shouldn’t my garden. So far it seems to like my happy thoughts.

    I put a shout out on my fb page! https://www.facebook.com/MamaWestWind

    Wonderful giveaway! I love the kits but since I just bought knitting supplies then for sure the puzzle! It’s just beautiful, I think my kiddos would love it!


  3. What a wonderful post! I love the idea of one’s own Space of Love and I love the teepee idea. We have a wonderful yard that we enjoy but you’ve given me some ideas to make it more “our own” even though it’s never really ours.
    I shared your blog with my La Leche League friends-they will love it!
    My DD would so enjoy the Wooden Gnome-In-A-Tree Puzzle from Peace Fleece. She loves looking at the fairy and gnome pictures in her books and this lovely puzzle would let her hold one of her own.
    Thanks for your generosity and sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  4. I am so pleased to discover this blog! I have been teaching special education for 6 years, and am now going through a Waldorf teacher-training program in Chicago. I will be a consistent reader, for sure! I am also sharing this blog with my classmates and fellow lovers of nature, simple living, and Waldorf. Thank you for sharing!

  5. such a lovely post and I just love bean teepees 🙂 We made one last year and this year I’ve got a whole bunch of sunflowers started to make a sunflower house for the children to play in 🙂

    I shared about your co-op and blog on my twitter account @ http://twitter.com/#!/Rosy_Posy/status/79984056795799553 and I’ll definitely share with my friends as well 🙂

    I know my son and daughter would love the wooden gnome in a tree puzzle 🙂 They love gnomes and would have so much fun with it. Thank you so much for hosting such great giveaways.

  6. Hi. I can’t believe I’ve never been here. So excited to find it!
    My 4 fairies would thouroughly enjoy the wooden gnome in a tree puzzle.

    I look forward to visiting your blog often.


  7. I shared by word of mouth with friends, and emailed a few.
    Im planning on homeschooling my daughter (6) and son (3) in a Waldorf style and the co-op membership would save me money so I can get them all the stuff they need, plus a little extra!!

  8. I have included you on my own blog at http://www.SurburbanHomesteaderSD.blogspot.com
    I found you a few months ago but computer gremlins ate the website so I am delighted to find you again.

    Viking Mom
    aka Helen

  9. I shared your inspiring blog and fun giveaways on my Facebook page ^_^ We would love the Children’s Learn to Knit Kit. Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. I shared your blog and the co-op on facebook. I also linked the Co-Op on my blog under “My Favorite Things”. I also plan about blogging this week about my home preschooling, and I will make sure to mention when I have gotten my supplies from! (http://dotingondeirdre.blogspot.com/)

    I would like to win all of them, but since I already have a year membership I think I will go for Giveaway #2: Wooden Gnome-In-A-Tree Puzzle from Peace Fleece!

  11. i miss having a garden so much. can’t wait to get our own space. just found your blog today… 🙂

  12. I really enjoyed your garden thoughts, I am filled with such gratitude for all the wonderful moments I spend in our garden.
    I have already mentioned your co-op to a few friends, I discovered it a couple months, and will continue to spread the word. It would be great to win a membership!

  13. I love the co-op, but I think I’m loving your blog even more!
    I’m always telling my friends about your wonderful co-op!
    I think I would like the kitting kit, or the one year membership? I feel like I won already, just by being a part of Cedar Ring Circle!!!! Thank you!!!

  14. I shared on facebook http://www.facebook.com/sidewalkgoddess

    I love the little gnome in the tree! Too sweet!

  15. Oh, the gnome in the tree is definitely my favorite. 🙂 I have shared the giveaway on facebook.

  16. i shared on facebook, but couldn’t find your facebook info to link it to you and i don’t know how to copy the fb address. So i tweeted as well 🙂 here is the post http://twitter.com/patchouligirl91/status/80254389448744960
    i absolutely love the Gnome puzzle, but i think the kids learn to knit kit would be best for us. My daughter is really into finger knitting right now and has been asking to learn to knit with needles. What a fabulous giveaway! thank you for the chance!

  17. I shared a link on Facebook about this giveaway! What wonderful things to win! I think I would use the membership the most tho. I am new to Waldorf, or at least still feel new to it and would love to order some more items for our schooling!

  18. What a beautiful post! I love it. I cannot stay away from my garden and plants right now. Even the “weeds” which sometimes we eat! I am so happy for all the green around us. Although, I wouldn’t mind of the poison Ivy wanted to grow somewhere else!

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I love the Children’s learn to knit set but so could use the year membership too!

    I shared on my facebook wall!

    sallyjanelouk at yahoo dot com

  19. Becca, just wanted you to know that purchasing membership to the co-op is my FAVORITE purchase of the year! I’m looking forward to being stateside in August… I’m going to be using that membership like crazy 🙂 Warmly, Courtney

  20. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing such wonderful words and wisdom. And the giveaways look fabulous as well.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  21. We have no garden (yet), so we are “borrowing” from my in-laws for the first time – teepee is already set and we will try to make sunflower house as well 🙂
    I’ve shared about your giveaway on my FB, since I do not have a blog (https://www.facebook.com/sandra.milosevic) – and this giveaway is so great! It is hard to decide, you know that? But I guess, the most useful for us would be “Childrens’ Learn to Knit Kit” (since we are NOT in he States)

  22. I just found your site and am a little teary with how absolutely beautiful it is. I am working towards exactly this type of space. Thank you for your inspiration. I would love the knitting set for my daughter!

  23. Oh, and I am FB sharing, absolutely sharing!!

  24. The most beautiful thing … ever!

  25. Please enter me for your giveaways!
    I will also share on my FB page!

  26. Just got turned on to your blog (which as the wife of a biodynamic beekeeper, I LOVE), and I posted info on our Shining Rivers Waldorf School Web page about the co-op (great idea). I’m a Waldorf School Board Member. With a daughter about to turn 3, I’d love #2 or #3 (as joining the co-op would be GREAT too). Thanks!

  27. Thank you for sharing your garden with us. We too are amazed and in awe to see big plants coming out from the tiny seeds we planted and harvesting our first produce! beautiful blog and beautiful give-aways, thank you for the opportunity.. We shared in FB.

  28. Your gardening photographs and stories are lovely. Nothing feels better to me then a connection with nature!
    I shared your lovely blog & giveaway on my Twitter. I would love to win giveaway 2.

  29. I tweeted your givaway (i’m @barefootedfam ) and i like all of them! must i choose? perhaps the co-op… or the knitting … or… any?

  30. I just love the coop. Such a wonderful opportunity. As a preschool teacher I have longed for a membership. Perhaps it is time!

  31. I just adore your blog & the concept of the co-op and I love love love Peace Fleece! I have told my mother-in-law & sister-in-law about CedarRing. I would love to be able to give the Gnome-in-a-Tree to my little girls! Thank you! ❤

  32. a beautiful and so gracious giveaway! I have told my mom’s group about the co-op and they’re very excited! i operate a waldorf inspired playschool and would *love* to have the knitting basket:) oxox

  33. I posted about ceder ring circle on my facebook page, and added a link. I would love the wooden tree puzzle for our nature table, I am really working on getting a few nice pieces for it!

  34. My little guy turns 2 soon! Maybe we will win! 🙂 Thank you for your amazing articles. Always enjoy them.

  35. I just shared this giveaway on Facebook! Would love the learn to knit bag from Peace Fleece!

  36. I would love a membership to the Cedar Ring Cirlce Co-op! I shared on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1330111436

    Thanks for the chance!

  37. I shared this on my Facebook business page and my personal page, as well! I love sharing Cedar Ring Circle with my friends. :o) This is such a generous give-away and my youngest would really enjoy a knitting kit of his very own. Thank you for all you do for us!! ❤

  38. wow all of those gifts would be wonderful to win.

  39. I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/cokelush/status/81910768299294720 And my granddaughter would love the gnome/tree puzzle. It’s beautiful! Thanks! cokelush at gmail

  40. I have shared this with several other homeschooling mamas I know (and that are interested in the waldorf method) and also with other friends who work with children. 🙂 I think I’d like the co-op membership the most, though the learn-to-knit kit is really wonderful, too. Thank you for the opportunity!

  41. I am about to become a Waldorf kindergarten teacher and enjoy getting ideas from this website.

    • Congratulations on your new venture Anne! How exciting… I would love to do that once my little ones have grown older. I am not too far from Sunbridge to attend their part-time program.

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