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A Boy And His Toad


Today my little boy got a big surprise.  A blue envelope, cryptically addressed “To the Little Boy in the Green House”, was found in the mail box.

Once opened, it contained a cheery note card bearing good wishes and signed simply, “Thomas Toadie”.

The envelope also contained several photographs with captions, which I have scanned and copied below as one must see the evidence to believe this unorthodox communication from a toad to a boy.

(Indeed, a very large toad did appear on our doorstep yesterday at dusk.)

(My son promptly attempted to feed it a lightning bug.  A hospitable gesture, but the toad was not interested in the least.)

(After a bit of fun and games, my son plopped the toad in his treasure chest, shut the lid, and went to bed. What follows is a mystery to all.)

(Waldorf as we are, there are a few plastic toys around.  My secret is out.)

(He really ought to have sat inside properly with a seat belt, but this toad obviously is a risk taker).

(Grammy would be appalled.  He left a puddle in the mail box, in the way that toads are prone to do, and this mailbox was a gift for a very special little boy on his 2nd birthday. I am off to disinfect it shortly.)

(I would imagine he likes to return to his toad wife and children, fun as it is to hop around a child’s playroom at an indecent hour as if he were a Tomten!)

I later overhead my son relating the entire ordeal to his grandmother in a phone conversation.

“He really likes me, and he had fun playing with my toys.  We don’t know if he hopped out through the basement door, or if he is still in here somewhere, but he wants me to put him outside at night from now on.  His name is Thomas Toadie!”

2 thoughts on “A Boy And His Toad

  1. How adorably funny! I love it!


  2. Oh my goodness those photos and captions are priceless and what an inventive way to let your son know that it is best for ‘Thomas Toadie’ to sleep outdoors after having a visit *grin*. I just love it and can’t wait to do that the next time we have a visitor from the wild 🙂

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