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Beautiful Circle


There must be a beautiful circle in the universe… it was fun doing all those giveaways last week, and I feel as if I have won several giveaways myself…

I must share all the wonderful ways I’ve been bestowed with blessings lately!

We found a sweet little deer under our in-laws’ cabin the other day…

It was only a few feet high… barely as tall as the meadow grass….

My sweet little girl is now eager to help with any and every household task… I can never be lonely with her willing hands nearby…

The wild strawberries are all around…

I was able to join my family a few hours away to celebrate my Abuelita’s 80th birthday (Spanish for grandma)…

The forget-me-nots are in bloom…

I went to the thrift store in search of a new blanket for my 4 year old and found the perfect twin size quilt, handmade… dinosaurs and all! (for $6.99!)

With all the fresh food in season, Cedar Ring Papa is inspired to make me delicious morsels…

Mama Erin went to a used curriculum sale and bought me this as a gift!!!

She got it for $25 (it is $135 new!!!).  Now I am utterly spoiled- I purchased a Lifetime Membership to Earthschooling two years ago, which I love.  Kristie Burns has so many extras- including videos, mp3’s, and a very approachable, hands-on manner.  Then, because I wanted to make sure my Waldorf approach was not completely wrapped up in one person’s “flavor”, but reflected a distillation of diverse ways of interpreting Steiner’s indications, I treated myself to Melissa Nielsen’s A Little Garden Flower 1st grade curriculum- a steal at $20 for the e-book- and I adore her yearly/monthly overview and the way she has laid out her blocks.  Now, I am soaking in Donna Simmons’ wisdom in her Christopherus syllabus, which is rich and deep.  I also love having a physical book in my hands to read when I am not near the computer.  I know with great privilege comes great responsibility, and I plan to do a much more thorough overview/comparison of each to help other mothers trying to choose which curriculum best compliments their family’s culture… so stay tuned for that in the future!

A huge source for spiritual inspiration and connection for me lately has been a new inner work program  I am undertaking with another Waldorf mama… we have a ridiculous amount of things in common, and some similar experiences in our religious background that have left us searching… and finding… more.  We came up with the idea to set up a private blog, where we study several pages every few days and elaborate on our Illuminations…

Connecting with so many wonderful mamas who share many of my ideals has been so powerful… thank all of you who take the time to be a part of Cedar Ring Circle, whether through the co-op or visiting me here on the blog.  Just knowing there are others who value the things I hold precious supports me daily.

And be sure to visit Mama WestWind over at her blog… she sent tons of people over to me during the giveaways and for those of you who don’t know her yet, I am sure she will inspire you!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Circle

  1. What a great thrift find! I love your little helper and the deer visitor. My daughter would be so so jealous. She is obsessed with deer! We also are loving the fresh bounty we’re getting form our garden and berry bushes! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a rich life! I love when those little blessings come our way. Beautiful quilt! What a find! And that deer, it must have been so awe-inspiring to see her. Thanks so much for posting about my blog! I was glad to send some people your way. And I share your thoughts on our journey together!


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