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Strawberry Days


 Our Amish neighbors were selling entire flats of their beautiful pesticide free strawberries for just $22!  Many jars of strawberry jam later, I am still hulling, washing, and freezing them for future smoothies and treats.

Little boys love crushing strawberries to make jam!

Twenty-two jars later,  I think I have enough berries left for a strawberry rhubarb pie.  By the way, those reusable, BPA-free Tattler canning lids worked nicely!

Out in the garden, lightning bugs are making love on my lettuce…

The peas are clinging tightly…

In the wind, comfrey nods its sleepy little flower heads at me.  It is completely taking over the south side of our garden, creating a beautiful border.  We will have so much for poultices and boo-boo care!  It has just come up wild, we never planted it… the best way!

And speaking of wild herbs, we are also blessed with tons of motherwort.  It surrounds the eastern side of our barn, and our chickens happily avail themselves of it.  I watched them greedily gobble it up this morning, along with some tasty burdock leaves.

Lots of wild spearmint, too!  I always include plenty in my salads pickings… along with fresh oregano and thyme…

The thyme is in flower right now…

So are the elder trees.

I use them to make a blissful elixir known as elderflower cordial.  You can find plenty of recipes on the web to make it, such as this one.  It is just about the most refreshing thing in the world to grab a good book and sip on a little elderberry cordial infused water… with a few frozen strawberries and ice…

Off I go to sip away!

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Days

  1. Good morning! I’m sorry that you had the problem with your blog. I feel that when something like that happens, it’s for a reason and we may not see why right away. I’ll just bet that someone was helped by reading your words. : ) Your garden looks lovely and oh, so yummy!!! : ) Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Your garden is so lovely and the cordial sounds so good! Strawberries too.


  3. I really love your posts and photos and the wonderful, yummy concoctions you are creating. They are an inspiration to me. I hear you on finding ways to allow our emotions to release without letting them take us over. There is a major shedding of emotions right now happening with so many. Let it all out so that we can all start anew. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

  4. I love love your photos. Lovely flowers! I also made preserves this year from our pick your own strawberry haul! It was a great experience and tasty too.

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