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Creek Bed Walk And Giveaway


The creek has dried up as it often does this time of year, leaving an adventure-filled rock road in its wake.  It is a welcome break in my day to go on our nature walk, a time to forget about housework to be done and enjoy the beautiful world around me.  I always come back refreshed!  We are lucky as Waldorf mamas, aren’t we, that a nature walk is a requisite part of our childrens’ upbringing?

We survey the spot where our swimming hole used to be.  The children love to see the difference a few weeks makes.

Along the edges of the bank, we find many nooks and crannies.  Gnome homes?

We decide to build them a table and chairs with some large flat rocks, and set places with large leaves for plates and the berries we find nearby.  The boys try it out and think it’s perfect!

Won’t it be fun to come back tomorrow and see if the gnomes enjoyed their feast?

As we are lifting rocks to build the table and chairs, we find many little holes beneath the rocks.  Fascinating!  One has a few little eggs- do they belong to minnows?  Crawfish babies?

In the next hole we find a big crawfish!  We hold a tiny branch nearby and let her clamp onto it, playing tug of war with us for a minute before respectfully placing another rock over her and the egg nest, to protect them from harm.

We continue walking, finding an apple tree overhanging our rocky path.  The children love to try to knock nuts or fruits down using small pebbles, and this occupies them for a time.  We get a few small apples to bring back to the Gnome’s Feast.

We find an aged axle with wheels half buried in the creek bed, and the boys love sitting in it and pretending to drive with a stick for a steering wheel.

We find a newt…

Rather than take the trail out, they decide to climb up a steep bank using a “Root Ladder”…

Happiness is the woods for a schoolhouse.  Speaking of schoolhouses, Lacey over at Life As A Schoolhouse is featuring us on her blog, with a giveaway of one membership to the co-op for a lucky reader ($25 value).  I have tried to make the co-op as feasible for families as possible- about $2.08 per month to have access to wonderful Waldorf products at wonderful prices.  The membership fee helps cover the cost of things like printer ink, packing tape, website fees, and shipping. But I know things are tight for everyone, and I hope the giveaway might help a family who is carefully watching that bottom line.

Cool breezes!

3 thoughts on “Creek Bed Walk And Giveaway

  1. Great Post & Pics! Thank you!

  2. What an adventure! I want to be there walking and exploring with you. Gosh, it’s hot here! we are hiding inside most of the time. No fun, we try to take a sunset walk in the evenings to get our fresh air, nature fill.

    Enjoy, and still praying for that creek to be filled up again.


  3. What a great walk! I especially like the newt and gnome homes 😉

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