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Co-op Updates and Fun Patterns


We’re almost ready for a brand new school year!  That autumn chill is in the early morning air and last night I heard the honking of Canadian geese flying in a V overhead (it does seem a little early- I wonder if they do warm up or practice runs?).  Our schoolroom/playroom is really coming along, and I will post more pictures soon.  Cedar Ring Papa helped me find a perfect tree to install in our room, with a long low branch that will hang over us and give us plenty of space to hang mobiles and other fun dangling things!  We found it already fallen over in the woods, and we still need to haul it home and mount it.

The Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op is really filling up!  We are almost at 70 members, and somewhere between 75-100 members I will probably have to start putting people on a waiting list as it will become a full time job if I don’t.  This month we are doing a few special orders- and I am very excited about them!  First, we are ordering 45″ wide silk by the yard.  We are ordering our silk from Dharma Trading, pooling our orders together to meet the minimum 50 yards required to get the absolute best deal (plus 5% to cover the cost of shipping the bolt to the co-op).  We will also order the smaller 36″ width (good for play silks) in our next month’s order (they are out of stock until October). These 45″ yardages are- perfect for making playstand canopies, which are generally around 4′ by 6’…

as well as play tents or beautiful, billowing “space canopies”.  I’d love to make some of these- hung from branches or dowels.  This picture is from the Mulberry Waldorf school in Canada…

I might even try my hand at a homemade version of one of those lovely silkscapes for over the bed…

My children also love to take the playstand canopy and wrap up in it on the couch. And there is nothing like beautiful silks streaming from a tree fort for a magical adventure in the woods!

I am still working on making dyes available,  but there are other great ways to dye besides store bought dyes- check out this awesome Kool-Aid dyed playsilk chart/tutorial! I’d also like to try using the plentiful elderberries and goldenrod that will be ripe around the time the silks arrive as natural dyes.

And those fun patterns I was telling you about? Kathryn over at The Silver Penny is setting us up to order her charming patterns. Many of us mamas have already started thinking about Christmas presents to be crafted, and I think Kathryn’s patterns are an excellent choice for Waldorf handmade gifts. Here are a few of my favorites!

The needle-felted mushroom house…

The Fairy Garden Playmat…

and the poseable fairy dolls (I’d love to learn to make poseable dolls of all sorts, and this seems like a great springboard!).

Kathryn also offers kits including all of the materials you’ll need to make her creations (only available at The Silver Penny).

I have plenty more books to add to the co-op catalog as well, and a few more lessons to plan for our Cedar Ring Circle Homeschool Co-op.  Off I go to Mama Monica’s to hash out our ideas and dreams for enchanted learning this year (and she is graciously letting me do some laundry while I am there- keep praying for rain! Our well is still quite low).

4 thoughts on “Co-op Updates and Fun Patterns

  1. ooh, so many fun things going on! I really want to order some silk, when is the order due? Also I love the patterns, really beautiful. I’ve been wanting to make a play mat and a toadstool home. I’m going to be trying some pose-able gnomes here soon to go along with our Gnome book. Do you have instructions for the dowel/silk hanging? I would LOVE to make that.

    Love to you!

    PS we call our Monica, Mama Monica too. I told her of the name coincidence and she thought I was making it up. I told her we have twins in NY. lol

    • I’ve seen these at another mama’s house and she hangs hooks from the ceiling, then string to the dowels or branch (I am thinking fishing line? Since its clear) and I would probably try to drill small holes through each end… at a height where my kids could not pull down on it!!

  2. I am so excited about the silk order and the new patterns! Glad we’re already members and won’t get wait listed. Thank you for all your hard work. You’re a true blessing to us.

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