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Traditions- The State Fair

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I have vivid memories of visiting The Great New York State Fair as a child, and before that, my own father’s family attended every year as well.  It is such a joy to continue that tradition with my own little family.

We saw exotic animals (“Mama, they look like cotton candy!”)…

and cozy familiar ones…

thrilled on the rides…

(love the 6 year old striking a pose in the background! 🙂

We also sampled delicious local gelatos in the Dairy Building.

The boys  loved being like little hamsters in this giant wheel- why didn’t they have these when I was little?  I was over the height requirement and had to experience it vicariously through them! And ditto for this young acrobat adventure!

The Little Miss grew tired of being in a stroller… she got a very special ride of her own- on daddy’s shoulders!

My husband said he never had so many strangers smile at him in his life, with this happy little face right above his.

There was a parade…

Soon the sun began to set.  I love that time at dusk where the sunset and the sights and sounds of the carnival collide…

A few more rides…

And we were happy, tired, and ready to go home.

Another summer has ended.  We didn’t have time to do everything on our summer fun list, but I think we managed to get in all the really important things.  How about you?

One thought on “Traditions- The State Fair

  1. Oh I just love fair season! We only have a few more weeks until we’re off to the fair. Can’t wait! Looks like you had a good time.

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