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Letting Go- The Leaves’ Song


Jack Frost did indeed visit the eve after my last post.

And within 24 hours of picking my tomatoes, the leaves of the plants were all withered and black.  We have been busy with our basil, our tomatoes, and our peppers- lots of pesto and salsa. 

Amidst the busyness of overnight guests, putting up food, packing boxes for co-op members, and keeping up with housework and homeschooling, I found myself craving a moment to breathe.  Do you ever feel like everything you have to do is just closing in on you?  I asked Cedar Ring Papa for twenty minutes and his car keys… he has a working cd player in his car. 😉

When I need to fill my cup, I drive up the road, to the place where the hills meet the sky.

I park on the edge of a field.  I play some music that matches the tone of my mood.  And I just sink right into the landscape.  I feel my human consciousness slip away, I melt right into the windblown nodding grasses with their singular call of presence, aware only of the ‘right now’, immune to the gravity of a future moment’s tasks.

Today, it was as if I could feel the love story of the leaves and the trees in their cycle of forming, being, falling, breaking down back into one nourished whole; and beginning all over again.  So similar to the ebb and flow in our own human relationships with friends, lovers, or family members where we sometimes feel so much belonging and co-operation, and sometimes feel so much falling away, dancing off on our own, then a sort of disintegration as we realize we are disconnected- until the breaking down of barriers occurs and we can once again unite.  Expand, contract; breathe in, breathe out; love, lose, and love again.  I watched it all unfold in a single yellow leaf, dancing her dance of love lost but hope remaining as she fell from her bower in the sky to her grave-turning-cradle of next years’ loamy soil, nourishing the tree that will once again take comfort in the spring sun as it splendors at the rich earth’s table, drinking the little leaf back up and exhaling her as she reincarnates as a green and vibrant bud.  She sang this song:

Trembling, I lose my grasp
You hold your breath and ease your clasp.
Swirling down, releasing all
I drift upon a breeze and fall.

You stand above me, looking down
You watch me dance in golden gown
Til finally I reach the ground
And fall to pieces scattered round.

And then I sink right into where
Your roots extend, and resting there
Disintegrate. Until once more
You drink me in; I touch your core.

I rise within and reach your heights
I touch the stars and northern lights;
The sunlit world so slowly warms
And born anew, our union forms.

 So whether in you arms I’m borne
Or at your feet I lay in scorn
The Grace of life will always be
A circle joining you and me.

Thinking of trees… Cedar Ring Papa did help me install our Nature Tree.  I have many, many felt leaves to trace and cut so we can hang a leaf from it each day- a different color for each type of weather, a “seasons tree”.  Yellow for sunny, orange for cloudy, green for rainy, red for snowy, I am thinking.   I also plan to hang seasonal decorations and some beautiful mobiles from it.  It adds so much character to our play area.


This kind of tree  (I’ve heard it referred to as both ironwood and hornbeam; I’m not sure, though)  loves to grow very very close to other trees, and then twist and bend to reach out from under the other tree’s canopy and catch the sunlight for itself.  The branch reaches out horizontally across our room about six feet!  I think it is a wonderful reminder of how we must strive to maintain closeness in our relationships, but still reach out for our own light and maintain our own direction.  I guess these are the lessons of my own inner work right now.  😉

Well, that to-do list is calling me again… I will be back soon with some beautiful autumn crafts we made at co-op to help decorate our story times.


2 thoughts on “Letting Go- The Leaves’ Song

  1. Your tree is lovely! What a beautiful room. I love your poem too.

  2. So lovely! We are still waiting on our leaves and frost sadly. I fear we will have a short fall and long cold early winter 😦

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