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Autumn Craft, Homemade Cider, and Co-op Updates


What a busy couple of weeks… so much is going on with the co-op (more on this later!) and there are so many fun things to do in autumn!  Here is a little of what I have been up to…

In homeschool co-op, we spread wool roving over branches (and roots! one of the boys discovered a tough plant could be used upside down with roots for branches) to make autumn “trees”…


If you’d like to try this craft, I have extra roving left over from the co-op’s last order.  You can purchase some here, and co-op members can order this package (free shipping included) with their top secret discount code.  We are using our trees to decorate the nature table, and Mama Monica and I are thinking if we poke the base of the sticks into clay or homemade playdough and let it dry, we could cover them with a small green silk and use them as tree props for story time. 

Cedar Ring Papa and I wanted to purchase a cider press this year to make cider with our own apples, but instead of buying our own we jumped at the chance to save money and enjoy community when we found out friends had located an old cider press in their grandfather’s barn.  It was solid, except for one little detail… no motor!  Up in the hills in God’s country, small details like that do not deter us… with a little ingenuity we were up and running…

That’s right… we just propped a four wheeler up and ran the belt around a rear tire. 

Down the chute the apples go… 

There is the pulp, and the liquid is strained through cloth into the waiting bucket. The cider was delicious, and though they were smallest, everyone said the apples we brought from our trees were the sweetest!  I hope this will be an ongoing tradition- what fun to drink the sweetness of your own bounty, watching the apples trees bud in early spring, checking on their progress throughout the year, and finally watching them transform into sweet cider.

Then, on an unusually lovely autumn day we went to our local pumpkin patch.  Kent Farms has so many fun things to do, and we always look forward to the gigantic slide… this HUGE drainage tube that must be at least 25 feet long!  Not sure if you can see how far back it starts- right about where those women are standing in the background on top of the hill. So fun to watch entire families barrel down like a conga line or piled on their tummies! 

Inside the big barn, the entire middle of the space is transformed into a race course full of bikes and pedal tractors.  Can you say “zoom“?!

They also have a haunted house, cider and donuts, fresh produce, and our favorite… the corn pit!  Cedar Ring Papa thinks we should forget about sand and try this at home.  The kids love it!

Of course we got pumpkins too!

Then we were off to the corn maze…

Just like a little boy, my son turned a corn cob into a “blaster” and ambushed unsuspecting maze walkers…

And my daughter cheated… she got the bird’s eye view!

We had so much together as a family.  Hopefully next weekend we can carve our pumpkins.

In between our episodes of autumn fun, I’ve been industriously adding to the co-op catalog.  We are at 95 families! That’s right… just five more spots left for the year til we are at capacity of 100.  I have to draw the line somewhere or the co-op will become a full time business- a little too much for a homeschooling mom of little ones! Check out some of my favorite new items for our next order, Holiday Order Part 1, due October 30th… 

Evi Dolls Collage

Make your own Waldorf doll Kits

Reg Downs' Books

I am loving Georgian Wood Toys’ affordable and unique handcrafted wooden Christmas ornaments.

I also love the variety they offer- from small wooden animals and people, to wooden puzzles, airplanes, natural wood baby teethers, and dollhouse furniture.  Many of our offerings get that extra private member discount, so don’t forget your code, mamas! We have more wonderful additions in store for our next order in November, and Mama Monica and I are working on a very special project for 2012… can’t wait to tell you more about it, but for now, shhhh!

8 thoughts on “Autumn Craft, Homemade Cider, and Co-op Updates

  1. Oh man, I wish we lived near you and could be one of the five families in the co-op! Your post was so inspirational; I love the cider ingenuity! Peace to you and yours!!

    • Monica we have limited space in our buying co-op but lots of room in our homeschool co-op! I wish you could be a part of it two- any mamas near Corning or Ithaca are very welcome to join us!

  2. That looks like such a fun time, except for that creepy scarecrow! Gosh, that’ll scare away the crows!

    The fresh cider sounds amazing! and I love how you all “fixed” up the press. And the trees are really lovely.


  3. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring…I’m always so glad to see a little (1) next to your name in my feed reader, and today was no exception. 🙂 xo

  4. Hi! I’m not sure where else to post this, so I apologize if it’s in the wrong place. I really want to join your buying coop, but the links on your home page don’t work — they go to the main homestead page to design your own website. Plz tell me you haven’t already filled the last 5 spots as I’ve just discovered you this evening and am very excited! Thanks for your help!

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