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Celebrations and An Autumn Picnic


We did it!  The co-op has reached our goal of 100  families- a big thank you to all of you who have helped make this possible and shared about Cedar Ring Circle!   If you are still interested in joining, stay tuned- we may have a few spots open up in January if some of our current members don’t renew.

I used the Random Number Generator to pick winners for the giveaway, and Cyndi won the $50 co-op credit, Susan won the Christmas Craft book, and Jaime won the co-op membership.  Congratulations, ladies!

For those of you who caught that giveaway fever, head on over to my friend and fellow co-op member’s blog ChocoEyes and read an interview with Waldorf Teacher, author, and storyteller Sieglinde de Francesca with a chance to win a copy of her book, A Donsy of Gnomes, as well as a kit to craft a character from her book!

And speaking of celebrations, we celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday this past weekend- happy birthday little girl!

Terrible twos? No way!

This weekend it was sunny and warm- perfect weather for an autumn picnic.  I baked a Maple Loaf…

and packed it in our picnic basket with simple but nourishing fare… hardboiled eggs, butter, strawberry jam canned this past June, and apples.

We headed to our “backyard”-

A majestic hill with a splendid view!

 Above, the view looking below over our homestead…

And this is the view along the edge… remember that “living fence” I talked about that surrounds our Space of Love?  Here is the framework of trees that surrounds us, and now I just need to fill in the gaps between the trees with some hedges and berry bushes.  I adore these gnarly old maple trees- and we can go all along the edges of our land collecting sap each spring!

As we hiked up the hill, we saw deer tracks and several big flat areas where the deers made little “beds”.  The children were enthralled to think of the deers curled up sleeping here, and decided it was a great place to set up our picnic.


After we ate, I told the children a story about Mother Earth weaving he warm blanket with the multi-colored grasses and berries and pods from the autumn landscape, from the Autumn Wynstones Press book.  Inspired by the vision of Mother Earth spreading a warm blanket over the land and the deer’s grassy beds, they decided to make beds of their own in the grass!

The cats thought a little nap was a great idea! (Yes, all of our animals follow us when we go for a hike!)

Our picnic ended with a game of hide and go seek. What great fun for me to close my eyes and count to twenty while the kids scattered around in the tall grass and hid!  They were hard to find, too!

Then we headed back down the hill, the white moon beginning to rise above us.

And that is bliss- a beautiful day and loved ones to share it with.

6 thoughts on “Celebrations and An Autumn Picnic

  1. That sounds like bliss! I love to see pic of your surrounding landscape. Looks like my homeland. Your picnic and story time looks wonderful- and a yummy and beautiful spread. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!


  2. it truly looks like a heavenly place to live and grow and wander. How fortunate for you and your family to have such a lovely place to be able to spread your wings.

    The minds of children are wonderful. I love how hearing a story will later become part of their play. I read that very story of Mother Earth to my preschool last week and they too have been acting out parts of the tale in the yard.

    blessings on your work and play. xx,k

  3. This was such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. it looks like a wonderful, lovely time!
    Your maple leaf shaped bread was just darling, too. When you say “maple loaf”… does it have a maple flavor to it, too, or just the shape of the leaf? If the flavor, too… i’d love to get the recipe!

  5. Your blog is lovely! The moments and photos you are sharing here are beautiful. Glad I stopped by:))) ~ Barefoot Mama

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