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Adventures of the Cloud Boy Continue!


A while ago I posted about a story I used to begin our Waldorf Grade One school year and introduce form drawing- The Cloud Boy.  Well, the adventures of the Cloud Boy continue!

In Waldorf education we use fairytales to introduce letters and their sounds.  I wanted to keep the “container story” of the Cloud Boy going and use it to bring these fairytales to my son. 

The Cloud Boy Part II

Time passed, and the Mountain Gnomes- who are friends with all the other sorts of wee folk- spread word about the Cloud Boy near and far. One evening as the Cloud Boy was just getting ready to greet the twilight and help his father feed the sheep and make them comfortable in the stable for the night, he heard a faint tinkling as of a bell.  He looked all around but he couldn’t tell where it was coming from.  As he listened carefully, he thought it seemed to be coming from the edge of a small gathering of pine trees. 

He approached the trees on tiptoe.

(At this point I asked my son- “Can you tiptoe like the Cloud Boy?  Cup your hand around your ear like he did and maybe you will hear the little bell, too!” *Have a jingle bell for a prop, dear storyteller!*) 

He looked up, up, up- and there, fluttering and slowly descending towards him was a small light.  He thought it might be a firefly at first, but no, it was bigger than any firefly he had ever seen.  Finally it arrived just a few inches away from his face, and he could hardly believe his eyes- for there, not much larger than his pointer finger, was a glowing fairy girl.

 “Hello, Cloud Boy”, she said with a little bow as she hovered in front of him.  I am Anthea, and I have come to you with a special message from the Fairy King.  He would like me to ask you for a very special favor.”

 The Cloud Boy’s mouth had dropped open in astonishment.  “The Fairy King? A favor?” he stuttered.  “Well of course, I am happy to help the fairies.  But what can I do?” wondered the Cloud Boy.

 “The Fairy Kingdoms have spread out far and wide.  As people cut down more and more forests to build their cities, entire fairy clans have moved far away, beyond the oceans, to the other side of our world in search of the old forests and woodlands we love to call home. It becomes harder and harder for us to communicate with each other, and as generations of fairies grow old and new fairies are born of a baby’s first laugh, The King fears that the Fairy Codes of Conduct will be forgotten.  You see, it is the Fairy Codes of Conduct which guide Fairies everywhere and remind us all of what that quiet voice inside each fairy heart whispers; how to be noble and pure and help mankind, creatures large and small, and the plants on Mother Earth.  

 So, the King has decided to commission the leaders of each of the fairy clans to record stories which contain elements of the Fairy Codes of Conduct.  The stories will be written down in a great book of Fairy Tales which each clan will possess and teach to their young fairy folk.  He would like you, dear Cloud Boy, to copy the words of the stories and the pictures that portray them in the clouds, for the winds to blow to the four corners of the earth and reach every fairy village.  In return, the King will grant you a magical gift and a key to unlock it.”

 The Cloud Boy’s heart beat quickly and his face was serious and full of wonder.  “Please tell the King I am honored to help him,” he answered quickly.  “When do I begin?”

Anthea smiled.  “I will tell you the first story now!” she exclaimed with a twinkling flutter. “And when you are ready, after you sleep tonight and dream about it, you will know exactly how to draw it in the sky,” she promised. 

 (Tell the Story of The Frog Prince).

I started our fairytales with the first one in my Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales book- The Frog Prince.  With this story I am teaching the letter “F”. With a little encouragement from this book (available to Cedar Ring Circle co-op members) I felt confident enough to attempt my first foray in chalkboard drawing:

I am no Picasso, but my Frog Prince was recognizable and my children (easy to please as they are) were thrilled with him!

Built into the picture, on left hand side of the well the Frog Prince is sitting in, is the Letter F.

My son was inspired to create his own Frog Prince!  What a good job:

We also enjoyed using the Frog Prince wooden figure made by Georgian Wood Toys for our storytelling and imaginative play afterwards!

We practiced the Letter F in his main lesson book, where he also drew flames of fire that looked like “f”s.  Wow- he made that connection all by himself and what a great idea it was.  I think fire really does capture the feeling life of “f”, don’t you?




2 thoughts on “Adventures of the Cloud Boy Continue!

  1. I love your story and drawing. Fun that he made the connection to fire.


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