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Brand New


I love that “new” feeling, when it seems like you have a fresh start.  New Year’s Day; my birthday; when the crocuses begin to bloom and the world begins to come alive; the start of a new school year with its pencil shavings smell and warm cozy sweaters start coming out of storage. Well, today I’ll just bask in that new feeling, and while I’m hopeful and optimistic and full of momentum, here are a few goals and resolutions (in no particular order).

2012 Resolutions

  1. Don’t take myself too seriously. Have fun!
  2. Love my husband.
  3. Savor my children.
  4. Go outside more.
  5. Write a book (or at least start one).
  6. Expand my musical tastes.
  7. Make a sourdough starter that will last a century.
  8. Bake a different kind of cake each month.
  9. Write an epic poem.
  10. Return my library books on time.
  11. Bring more spirituality into our daily lives at home, and build our spiritual community.
  12. Write more snail mail letters to friends and family.

What are yours?

Going forward with this blog, I have a few goals too.  I would like to be a bit more regular about it (although the past month was simply too full to squeeze anything else in, with all the holiday co-op orders and enjoying family time!). I would like to begin a “Member Monday” feature where co-op members are interviewed and we get to “meet” each other; I would like to start a “Lost Tutorials” feature where I post, in my own way with my own words and pictures, a few of those wonderful projects and ideas from the long lost Childhood Magic blog we all loved so dearly (I had saved all the posts to my hard drive, planning to use them in my homeschooling, before all the content vanished). I would like to share a little more about natural homemaking, what’s cooking in our kitchen, and of course share lots of fun outdoors things to do with children.  And that Cloud Boy, he is sure having adventures! He will make appearances every now and then, too.

Cedar Ring Papa has been busy in the basement building us lots and lots of utilitarian shelving to store totes and boxes, which will hopefully keep us more organized (I save all the children’s clothes and toys for the future children I *hope* to have- don’t think I’m done yet!  I plan to be the most envied Granny in the bingo hall, with a gaggle of grandkids nearby and no space left on my walls because of so many photos of my progeny!).  I’ll admit, starting the co-op from scratch took a ton of time and energy, and my housekeeping standards sank lower than I liked.  Thanks family for your sacrifices- this year we’ll make it cozier and cleaner, I promise!

Mama Monica and I are planning quarterly crafting dates to get a head start on Christmas (so we don’t end up frantically sewing a few days before, with children bouncing off the walls and elaborate back-up plans for what to do if we aren’t finished in time!).

Mama Erin and I have sworn to do something FUN this year- just plain old fun, something to look forward to.  We don’t even know what- do you have any ideas? So far my ideas include a scavenger hunt for chocolate or a Moon Lodge night during the new moon at the cabin in the woods for moms to come and support & encourage each other (and yes maybe have chocolate too, haha!).  What do you do for fun with your mama friends- when you need to let your hair down and lighten up for a few hours when the weight of all your responsibilities and to-do items start to get heavy?

Wishing you energy, optimism, and success in all your endeavors this coming year.  We are creating life on earth together- and every moment is a new start, a new chance to send ripples of love and truth into the cosmos.


2 thoughts on “Brand New

  1. Wonderful goals and resolutions. Me and my friend Monica like to give ourselves manicures and pedicures and steam facials. We’ve only done it a few times together, but so fun! A hot steam- hot water in a bowl with some herbs or essential oils and towel over the head- 10 min or so. Very relaxing! We did this once when my friend was pg and stressed and needed a breather. Also, another friend and I get together and drink tea or coffee and play board games. Our favorite is Catan.

    My goals this year, I think I might blog about them. Finding balance and making ample time to listen to God every morning. Being more in the moment with my kids and family, scheduling family time. Dropping stress about money. These are mine.

    Love your posts. Always so insightful.

  2. You have many good resolutions. I am looking forward to some of the lost posts as I did not save any to my computer. I found writing out many resolutions to be too confining for me right now, so I followed the lead of Jessica, from the blog Bohemian Bowmans, and simply picked out a word for the year: “Embrace” & blogged about it. Thanks for sharing your post, I look forward to the ones to come.

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