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Little Pirates Making our Samosas


The other night we had such a wonderful time making samosas for dinner.  While I usually try to limit it to two kids helping in our small kitchen at a time (they rotate which meals they help me with), no one can resist the allure of making samosas! Not only were they eager bakers, but my oldest son made up an original song to sing while preparing them… “Little Pirates Making Our Samosas”.  Click on the picture below to hear it.

Click on the picture!
What are samosas, you ask?  They are little Indian pastry pockets filled with a mixture of potato, peas, and carrots.  Traditionally, they are deep fried- but we like to saute them in butter on each side for a minute or two and then bake them.  I prefer them plain, but my husband likes to dip them- chutneys are good, and in a pinch you can just mix up some yogurt with ground cumin & ginger for a quick dipping sauce.  We also add a cup or so of diced organic chicken when we want more of a main course meal.  They freeze well, so it’s a good idea to make a big batch, and then you can pop them in the toaster oven like natural Hot Pockets for lunches.  We use this recipe which hails from a Moosewood Cookbook, and I find the filling tends to make enough for two batches of dough.  The homemade versions are healthy and tasty, but if you’ve never had a traditional Indian samosa, head on over to your local Indian restaurant and have an authentic one- mmm!  There are also endless possibilities as to what you can use for a filling- the pastry is easy to make and work with (I always substitute half of the flour with whole grain spelt flour, freshly milled from our grain mill).  I am working on some egg, broccoli, and cheese breakfast pockets- once they are perfected I’ll share my recipe. 😉

4 thoughts on “Little Pirates Making our Samosas

  1. Oy, this looks good – I’ll definitely be testing this recipe out for dinnertime soon. Thanks for sharing something new – much appreciated!

  2. Oh, my the samosas look & sound divine! I have to make them now. And I can’t tell you how endearing it is to see a little window into your world. Your little ones are darling! I saw that in pics of course but hearing them sing and talk just makes me want to fly out and hug them! It reminds me how blessed we are with these little ones!

  3. Mmm, also can’t wait for the breakfast samosa recipe. I just wrote down the recipe. How long do you bake them?

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