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Snowflake Snacks


We are enjoying our snowflake block so much that we are only halfway done with all the fun activities I have planned (and we are waiting for a little more snow for some others!).  Here are a few things we have done so far…

Snowflake Snacks was a spur of the moment idea that proved to be fun, tasty, and that kind of messy sensory experience little ones love.  We talked about how snowflakes form from tiny particles in the air.  To represent the particles, we used raisins and goji berries.  Next, the particles gather moisture and freeze, getting bigger and bigger as they fall through the clouds.  I provided several containers of dippable foods, and we dipped our “particle” in either raw honey or peanut butter… then cocoa powder, shelled hemp seeds, rolled oats, chopped almonds, or cinnamon.  Lastly we dipped them in either melted coconut oil or butter and gave them a final coating of coconut flakes so they looked snow-like.  Then we froze them for twenty minutes and tried them out- delicious! 

I’ll admit, it was mostly me and my first-grader who made snowflakes.  The younger ones just dipped and ate their raisins and goji berries. 😉

Here are the finished snowflakes…


We made one giant 6-edged snowflake with the leftover ingredients- just mixed them all up and shaped the mixture on a plate, then sprinkled with the coconut flakes and let harden in the freezer for a half hour.  It came out suprisingly yummy for being a random concoction!  But with such wholesome ingredients, how can you go wrong?

I also made “design-your-own-snowflake magnets” and oh my goodness… the result was three kids occupied for FIVE WHOLE HOURS!  I can’t promise you’ll get the same result (I am still a little shocked about it!), but my 2 year old (who does not mouth things- use your best judgement mamas, these are probably choking material for mouthers) manned the washing machine, my four year old occupied the dishwasher front, and my six year old hogged the fridge.  WOW.  I got a lot of housework done!

I used 3/4″ circle magnets from the craft store, 3/4″ white circle stickers (Avery labels from the office supply section), scrapbooking glue dots,  and dragon’s tears.  

First, place a white label sticker on one side of your magnet like so:

Then, hold your dragon’s tear over the glue spot, centering it.  Hold it down and press until the glue spot adheres when you pull it back up.

Now center it over one of the labeled magnets and press down firmly.  All done! After I made these, I was reminded of Fairy Dust Teaching’s fun sight-word jewels, and I re-read her tutorial and thought Modge Podge would be an alternative to glue dots (especially if you already have Modge Podge).  Either way I think it would work. 

My first grader made snowflakes for a while, and we talked about hexagons and the number six.  He began to talk about groups of 3’s and 6’s, it was fun to watch him realize the multiplication table on his own (this is something we haven’t covered yet in homeschool). Then he joined the younger ones in making whatever they could imagine up… a battle, the Empire State Building…

I’ll post soon about our watercolor snowflakes, snowfake origami, snowflake bunting, and more.

Ah, and I do have a few Candlemas Kits  left from last month’s co-op order.  Each kit includes 2 pounds of lovely honey-scented beeswax pastilles (they look like lentils- and are easy to melt, much easier than grating a chunk of beeswax!); 12 wick assemblies for making tea lights or walnut/seashell candles (the walnut shell candles float!); plus your choice of 3 yards of either taper or votive wick- plus priority mail shipping is included in the package price.  Anyone is welcome to purchase them (2 left)- Candlemas is on Thursday, February 2nd.

This month is also our annual Heirloom Seed order month- yay! I love Baker Creek heirloom seeds, and am so excited to offer them at a discount through the co-op.  ANYONE is welcome to order seeds with us- I think cultivating heirloom plants is such an important work for our time, protecting our food supply for ourselves and future generations.  You can see our selection here.  I know it may seem early but by the time they arrive in February, you’ll be ready to start your tomatoes, peppers, and other long-season varieties indoors.  Use the code JANSALE to save $5 on shipping on seed orders over $15 (co-op shipping is flat rate, and I know seeds will cost less to mail than the medium flat rate priority mail shipper… since they are so small & light-weight… this code will prevent you from being charged more for shipping than you need to be).

And- HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to Cedar Ring Circle Waldorf Co-op!  I wanted to do something special to commemorate, so for this weekend only I am offering a payment plan.  I know everyone is watching their pennies and if the $25 first year membership (renewal for future years is just $10) has been a barrier to joining, you can pay in 5 installments of just $5.  This option is more work for me to manage so… I am only leaving it up through Monday evening when orders are due… I will take the first five people who join… and it’s a great time to join, since we are also ordering from Grimm’s, Engel woolens, Evi Dolls, Louet (LOVE their rovings!) and more (we always order from Mercurius, our books, and Peace Fleece Yarns)… members get a private discount on quite a few of our brands- email me for details, or join and your welcome letter will explain all. 😉

I’ll leave you with a chalkboard drawing- we did Rumpelstiltskin (the letter “R”) last week, and we’ll do Mother Holle and her snowy blanket next to go with our snowflake theme.  He looked so cute hopping around his little fire, I left the picture up all week.  Sometimes it’s hard to erase the chalkboard drawings; I want to save mine here so I have them for inspiration next time I do Grade One.

Today I brew, tomorrow I bake;

And then the Prince child I will take;

For no one knows my little game

That Rumpelstiltskin is my name!

2 thoughts on “Snowflake Snacks

  1. I love the snowflake snacks and the magnets – what fun ideas! I may steal – er, borrow – them from you for future use… 😉 xo

  2. Love the drawing! And verse. I’ll have to use that when we do Rumpelstiltskin. The magnets looks like great fun too!

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