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Sailing Away- Lost Tutorial #1


A while ago I promised a few of the lost tutorials from the much-loved Childhood Magic blog, which I had saved to my hard drive in my homeschooling files before it disappeared from the internet.  In my own way, with my own words and pictures, I hope to re-visit a few of the projects Ariella gathered from across the web which inspired so many of us. Today was a great day to do one I’ve been meaning to try- paper boats.  While we do have snow and ice here in the Northeast, the afternoon sun warms us and everything starts dripping, dripping, dripping until the roadside drainage ditches become little streams.  These little origami boats require nothing but a sheet of paper and a place to float, and were a lovely part of our afternoon walk and sun-soak.

You can find the instructions for making the boats here in an easy to follow video.  You may wish to use a plain sheet of paper and color/decorate it with beeswax crayons before folding- but I used colored paper, since I wanted to surprise my kiddos with the boats once we arrived at our outdoor destination.

Pure delight!

A pocket gnome, a peg doll, and a farm wife sail along with their pine cone cargos… watch out for icebergs!

The kittens are as fascinated as the children. 

After a while of sailing and a few capsizing mishaps, the boats begin to get soggy and everyone decides ice fishing might be a safer bet. But not until they dock for a bit and make snow angels!

Look at all the fish (pinecones) they’ve caught!

A beautiful moon emerges- so big, I think it is a silvery billowing cloud at first… see it there, at the top of the hill, looking as huge as the tree beside it?

I think we may decorate and fold up some more boats for bath time.  Bon voyage!

4 thoughts on “Sailing Away- Lost Tutorial #1

  1. What a lovely idea! We have a creek we frequent, who says we have to wait until spring to launch!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh, these are adorable! We don’t get snow and ice here – it adds such atmosphere to your pictures.

    Pardon my ignorance, but how do you save a blog to your hard drive? Does it save the photos too? WIth the recent loss of my favourite blog (Nature’s Nest) I’m hoping there’s a way to do this for the other blogs which inspire me so much.

    • Cathy, just go to “file”, “save as” and save it to whatever file you’d like to, then it will be on your hard drive. You really need to save blogs post by post or I think the file would be too big. So I created a folder named Childhood Magic, and every post I wanted to save I added to the folder. 😉

  3. How fun! And I recognize one of those gnomes! 😉

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