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First Flowers and Pancake Races


Yesterday we enjoyed our homeschool co-op adventures.  I don’t know about that groundhog… I think spring is just around the corner! The moon was in Aquarius for the past few days, and in biodynamic gardening Aquarius is a flower sign, a time when the air element is strongest and blossoms- ethereal, light, and airy- are at peak for planting, transplanting, and blooming.   Sure enough, we spotted the first spring flowers!

In honor of Shrove Tuesday, we decided to hold a pancake race.  After our feast of crepes, we headed outdoors with pans and pancakes.  I read that in England the Shrove Tuesday activities involve using up the last of the fats before Lenten fasts (hence the other name, Fat Tuesday).   Certain areas hold pancake races, where the participants race each other with a pancake in a pan, flipping them as many times as they can whilst running to the finish line.  Here is a short video of a real live pancake race. I love the apron and running shoes combo!

“Mix a pancake, stir a pancake, pop it in the pan;

Fry the pancake, toss the pancake, catch it if you can!”

(-Christina Rossetti)

Here is our race…

…on your marks, get set, go!

Of course, it wasn’t long until the pancakes were getting eaten!

We also enjoyed playing in the yard, where a circle of stumps around a firepit make a lovely place to hop, leap, and balance (there are boards available to set on the stumps to make balance beams).

We played a game called “snakebite”, where everyone forms a single file line, each holding onto the person in front of them.  Then the leader has to try to catch the tail person. 

And on the way to the playground, we found a “natural” seesaw! Isn’t it gratifying to hear a child say “This is even better than the real playground!”?


I’ll be back soon to post a delicious soup recipe that is perfect for the Lenten season, as well as more on creating a beautiful Home Management binder and offering our children Direction.  So much to post, and such little time! I’ve been busy adding new things to the co-op catalog for our current round of orders, due on the 29th. Here are some of my favorites…

 I love these flute-playing boys from Georgian Wood Toys. They make great shepherd boys, as well as a perfect gift for a Grade One child learning to play the pentatonic flute.

Painted snails…

Bendy Doll Family…

I love these magical waves.  They also come with seahorses or dolphins attached. What a great idea for creating an ocean playscape!

A little something for the spring nature table, or Easter basket.

Reg Down has a new book hot from the presses:

And we are doing a special group order with Soft Star Shoes.  They offer beautiful, eco-friendly shoes handmade in the US for babies, kids, and adults.

Starting this month, the co-op membership option has changed.  I am feeling bittersweet about this- I really liked it the way it was, because it really encouraged a sense of community with the one year committment.  However, because I am feeling the tug of another little one waiting to come to our family, I am trying to prepare for having more time to grow our family in 2013 and not being tied to honoring year memberships past this time next year.  Things will continue to run as they have been for the next year, but after that I will probably offer orders less frequently or on a smaller scale for a while during the period of conception, pregnancy, and post partum bonding.  So, for everyone who is currently a co-op member, you are now a “Lifetime Member”.  As long as I am offering orders, you are welcome to join in.  Newcomers can place orders with us on a month-by-month basis.  I originally thought it would become too much work once we reached one hundred families, but as we’ve grown, members have made the initial bigger purchases for supplies they really needed, and then their orders begin to taper off.  I think this is good- I am all for simplicity and not for rampant materialism.  But to continue to meet manufacturer order minimums and keep the co-op wheels turning, I think it is important to welcome new faces, as well as expand our catalog. In the meantime, I will be embarking on an adventure in fasting, cleansing, and specially preparing for pregnancy with a nutrient-dense diet and spiritual work to prepare once again for new motherhood.  If you have any tips or favorite ways to prepare for a new baby, please share! 😉



5 thoughts on “First Flowers and Pancake Races

  1. lovely pancake fun! We enjoyed making them on Tuesday as well and adding our fave toppings. Lemon and sugar! loving the very cute wooden rabbit!!

  2. Oh I wish I lived closer, the waves look wonderful and I have a little boy with a real *thing* for penguins atm!

  3. Looks like so much fun!

    I think I have to get that flute player and snail! And the Reg Down book! Oy vey!

    I think what you’ve decided for co-op sounds fair and do able for you. Good luck with the baby prep! Your going to make me want another!

  4. What a wonderful place to be…anticipating another child in your family! I applaud you for taking such measures to ensure this season of preparation is as rich as it possibly can be.

  5. good luck with your baby prep! i love http://www.foresight-preconception.org.uk: they have a wealth of vital information regarding preconceptional healthcare for both parents.

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