Cedar Ring Mama

Taking My Cues From Mother Earth



Fragile blooms nod in gentle breezes or let themselves go, given to the sway, in winds so violent our barn roof has split apart.  When I close my eyes and picture the past few weeks, I see the path I walked was full of obstacles and difficulty, but also strewn with flowers.  And like those knowing looks my husband and I shared when words would not come, the blossoms seemed to be the universe’s way of saying to me,

I know. I know what it means to let go, to let the storm winds toss you back and forth… and to wait for the sun to shine so you can throw yourself open wide and live each precious moment with gusto, til petals fall and the fruit of your work swells up as your gift to the world- that same world which moments ago allowed its full force to beat against you.”  

And I say back to them,

“I know the chance you take when you emerge from your safe, dark resting place… I know the winds test you as your roots grab furiously to just hold on, I know the coldest nights when the frost almost overtakes you and you wonder if the sun can restore your wilted leaves, I know the strength it takes to raise your head again when careless feet tread upon you.  You are brave and beautiful.”

Sitting amidst these colonies of thousands of spring ephemerals in our far away woods, or walking amongst the fruit trees on our homestead, every breath is full of flower essences.



Yellow Trout Lily

Spring Beauty

Peach Blossom

Hmmm, not sure which type of tree...


Plum Blossoms

2 thoughts on “Bloom

  1. What beautiful blossoms. Hope those winds have passed you now. We’ll have to talk today.


  2. Thanks, you always have beautiful and good words in your blog.Have a very hapy Spring in your heart.

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