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Peep, Peep!


Yesterday our special package arrived from McMurray Hatchery.  The post office called us at 8 am to let us know it was here and I hopped into my car immediately, anxious to give the chicks water and food as soon as possible.

This is a blue cochin chick…

A black australorpe…

I think this is my Auracana rooster.  Auracanas come in all different colors, but their distinguishing feature is the puffy tuft of feathers in the cheek area.  The hens of this breed lay beautiful blue eggs.

Lots of love!

Barred Rock…

Red Star…

Golden Laced Wyandotte…

Light Brahma…

Another Red Star hen… ain’t she cute!!?

Silver Laced Cochin…

White Crested Black Polish Bantam…


And this is the Chick Mansion.  My friend Ronda designed and built it, and graciously is letting me borrow it while my chicklings grow big enough to be ready for the bigger coop with our grown hens.  We only have five, and they are very mild. I am hoping everyone will get along ok in the end although with chickens and their pecking order, it generally takes a little help.

Ronda is also helping me design plans for an aviary I want to build.  I plan to keep my hens together but would like to have individual separated areas for my roosters.  I hope to breed them and sell them locally, as it is hard (if not impossible) to find good birds around here, especially in the rarer breeds. The chick shipping process is not as ideal as buying locally, because trauma and stress often kill some of the chicks off.  I have lost five out of 30, a few to trauma (I think the box may have been jostled) and a few to my own error.  I’ve learned my lesson- do not order bantams and small breeds with large breed chicks… a few of them were too small and when they huddled, the larger breeds injured them.  In the future I may even consider purchasing an incubator and fertile eggs from the hatchery, although this is much more expensive.  It is heart-breaking to lose chicks!  Luckily once I have the breeds I want, I can keep hatching my own.  I will be The Chicken Lady!  Our chickens will provide us with hours of delight, insect control, fertile soil, eggs, income (from extra eggs and chick sales) and meat (we won’t be able to keep all the roosters we hatch in the future, and when we have more than we can keep without them fighting each other or becoming a menace, they will be much honored and appreciated family fare).  Chickens are such wonderful creatures!

6 thoughts on “Peep, Peep!

  1. Looks like fun! Someday I want to have chickens too!~

  2. I had to give up one of my older hens when I introduced my new chicks to the coop. I let them get old enough and kept them in a rabbit hutch inside the coop for a while at night (tractor during the day). My one hen just wouldn’t stop attacking them..even from far away. It’s like she hunted them. I had no choice. She was my Lt. Brahma…I miss my “Bunny” but I had to save the others:( Good luck to you. I never knew how mean they could be!

    • Well, I think the hens are about to be used to chicks because one of our hens got broody, and my friend gave me fertile eggs from her flock to switch out under my broody hen’s infertile eggs. She is still sitting on them (Day 3) and might be hatching some of her own soon, and the other hens will be used to her defending her own babies and might get used to having little ones around. Also, if you introduce the new birds and stick around for a while, and as soon as some bullying begins you firmly press the hen down towards the ground for about 30 seconds, I hear this embarasses the bully and she may get the hint.

  3. So cute! Hatching can be heartbreaking too though. Sometimes a chick will try to hatch but wont make it 😦

  4. Wow wow wow! I’m suffering an extreme case of chicken envy reading this post. The beautiful variety of breeds! Can’t wait to see pics of these birds all grown up. And thee chick mansion looks really great, was it built from a plan or purchased? (I know you are borrowing, just curious for the distant future.)

  5. Adorable! But looks like you mixed up the Barred Rock and the Australorp in the pics.

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