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Wow!  What beautiful comments everyone left to enter the giveaway.  I am going to come back often to re-read them.  Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

The winner, chosen by Random.org, is Moriah. Congratulations, Moriah!

This week we spent a few beautiful days by the ocean in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  The saltwater is so refreshing, and the sea air has such a special quality.

My daughter asked me if the seagulls were chicks. 😉

A sea fairy house, with a papa bed, a mama bed, and a baby bed.

Misty morning.

I love the impressions the waves leave as they reach up the coast, like tree roots trying to burrow into the sand.

And little rivulets heading back to the ocean which create tiny river systems complete with beautiful tributaries.

Now that we’re home again, I am planning our homeschooling lessons.  Be back soon to share some ideas!

One thought on “Seaside

  1. So beautiful! I bet it was so nice to get away.

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