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Look Out! Look Out!


Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about!

He’s after our fingers and toes;

And all through the night the gay little sprite

Is working where nobody knows.

He’ll climb each tree, so nimble is he,

His silvery powder he’ll shake.

To windows he’ll creep and while we’re asleep

Such wonderful pictures he’ll make.

Across the grass he’ll merrily pass,

And change all its greeness to white.

Then home he will go and laugh ho, ho, ho!

What fun I have had in the night.

(-C.E. Pike)

We had our first hard frost last night, and this morning the world felt brand new.

Each blade of grass…

Each fallen leaf…

And in the jungle of tall, tall grass

He visited each stalk of teasel…

Each puff of goldenrod,

Each sheaf of grass seed,

And sought to restore each faded Queen Anne’s Lace blossom to her former white glory.

And yes, he did climb each tree…

And hover over each little wildflower…

Refreshed our garden with his cool touch (I always think the kale tastes sweeter after a frost!)…

And of course, made pictures in the windows!

It’s been such a time of change for my family.  The company my husband had been an independent contractor with for the past 8 years just sold, and we’ve felt just like those swirling, whirling leaves wondering where they shall land now.  I find the easiest way to keep my mind off the uncertainties of the future is a lot of prayer and little handwork.  My autumn bunting is almost done … just a bit more reinforcing with a second layer of felt, and embroidering the edges.  Then I think I will find a nice satiny ribbon to string them on.  And don’t worry, I will put them in the correct order when I hang them (just now noticing the photo says “Autnum”!).

Each leaf is needle-felted with some of Louet’s beautiful wool roving. I just ordered more and will have it available in the Cedar Ring Circle shop soon… probably by the time I finish the bunting and share a quick tutorial with you here on the blog. 😉

How do you get through times of Uncertainty with peace in your heart?

3 thoughts on “Look Out! Look Out!

  1. Hmmm. How do I get through times of Uncertainty with peace in my heart? I guess a follow up question is, it it certainty that gives me peace in my heart? I like to see it like this; Instead of uncertainty its nature giving space for something new. Nature dislikes emptyness, so when emptyness occours, it is soon replaced with something new. Everything is a cycle, and for something new to come, something old has to go. To embrace this space before the new has arrived can be a challenge. The space gives me an opportunity to look at my habits and patterns, and to think – huh, time for a change 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting this poem! I only knew the first four lines. Yay!

  3. The flower and the kale look magical. Truly, magical. Now that I live in the tropics, the full romance of frost and snow has ample room to roam (:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Times of uncertainty with peace in my heart? I call out to God and beseech him for a feeling of peace in my heart. Sometimes I think too much about things and try, despite my human incapability, to figure “it” all out. And I need to just ask Him to give me peace. Which is different than the “answer” that I’m always trying to figure out (:

    Sometimes, I also remember that all people who are seeking him, and their purpose He has always had for them, will be prospered abundantly in spirit. So, I somtimes will look at what I am not/doing and prayerfully consider whether or not what I’m doing is his will –and if it is, I try and take a deep breath and know that all will be well.

    I can’t wait to look through the rest of your beautiful blog (:

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