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Autumn Bunting & Easy Needle-Felted Leaf Tutorial


The needle-felted and embroidered autumn bunting is finished and hanging near our meal table… it really adds some festivity to the room!

To create the leaves, I traced leaves onto paper, cut the leaf pattern out carefully, and then pinned the leaf pattern to a piece of felt.  Piece of advice- definitely cut your pennant shape *before* needle-felting your leaf.  This was my first attempt, and while the leaf came out beautifully, I didn’t leave myself enough room on the left edge for the size pennant I wanted when I went to cut it… from then on, I cut my pennants first.  Also be sure to needle felt on a piece of foam- I found the nice cream colored one I’m using here in the section of my craft store where the stuffing for quilts and upholstery are.

Next, put a layer of roving over the leaf pattern.  Not too much- better to start light and bulk it up if needed than try to stuff too much in and end up with a furry, lumpy result. 😉

Work your way around the edges first, then the middle.  If you have a multi-needle felting tool with several needles, this will make the middle go faster- but definitly stick with one needle at a time for the detailed edges.

When it looks evenly felted, you can remove the paper pattern and if you need to, fix any bits that could use an extra poke.

If you are feeling adventurous, try using a few different colors or a multi-colored roving, like this one from Louet, called “Sunset” Northern Lights Space-Dyed Roving. I used embroidery thread and the seed stitch to make each leaf stem.

And each letter…

Before hanging my pennants on a brown satin ribbon, I reinforced them with a second layer of felt on the back side and added blanket stitch embroidery to the edges.  This was pretty time-consuming, and I think next time I will experiment with double-sided interfacing and iron the two layers together… we’ll see!  Next I am going to try a holiday bunting with needle-felted snowflakes and the word “Noel”.  When I have some time I will add the many rovings I just got from my last Louet order to my shop, and I’ll do a little shop update, in case you want to do a little autumn needle felting… I also have needles, wool felt, peg people, and much more to add,  and I’m offering a special holiday crafting supply and advent decorating order at the end of October open to everyone (beeswax pastilles, raw silk for dyeing, Advent spirals, and more!).  First I need to mail out the last round of orders- so stay tuned! 😉

Enjoying the last of the colorful leaves…

(Part of the Natural Mothers Network Seasonal Celebration Sunday Link Party.)

11 thoughts on “Autumn Bunting & Easy Needle-Felted Leaf Tutorial

  1. That bunting looks so beautiful! I need to try needle felting again; I’ve done it a bit, but I lack patience. I’d love to be able to make something as lovely as you have here! xo

  2. So beautiful! Love the leaf people too. And wow, are those all tomatoes behind your daughter!? Awesome.

  3. How lovely! You’ve got a really nice combo of coloured leaves there. The bunting is very pretty.

  4. Love this – how beautiful is the bunting?! I love the possibilities with this project – I’ll definitely be making this in the near future 🙂

  5. I adore your bunting! Mind if I pin it?

  6. Found you on Pinterest (thanks to Rachel, maybe? :)). Love this! Can’t wait to see your Noel snowflakes one – I’m already thinking of what to do for all four seasons. Leaves for autumn, snowflakes for winter, flowers for spring, but I’m having trouble thinking of a summertime one … thankfully, there’s plenty of time before that would be an issue around here! Anyway, subscribing and glad I found you. Thank you, Pinterest!

    • My friend and I were brainstorming about that.. thinking of a sun, a seahorse, waves, sand castle, mermaid, dolphin. But I also like the idea of a 4th of July themed one with stars and red white and blue 😉

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