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A Time to Sow

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After what seemed an impossible flurry of busyness preceeding the holidays, thing suddenly became peaceful and quiet.  We stayed home and enjoyed a very quiet celebration.    Every Christmas Eve we read “The Tomtes’ Christmas Porridge” by Sven Nordquist, and in the dark of moonlight, we headed out to the barn with our flashlights on Christmas Eve as a gentle snowfall dusted us, to leave a bowl of porridge for them in the hayloft where we *think* we’ve spotted them before…


Christmas carved out a time of “slow living” for our family and offered me the opportunity to reflect.  The image of Mary traveling the Advent spiral was a very good image for me to hold.  Between running Cedar Ring Circle, homeschooling, taking care of a toddler, and the tasks of our hobby farm I haven’t had much time to reflect on the baby growing inside me.  Apart from the initial “vision” I was given when I first learned I was pregnant, I have not felt connected to this little one.  After the Newtown tragedy, it became a priority to me.  Why?  Well… this tragedy seemed to spin from a profound lack of connection between human beings, and connecting seems so paramount right now.  I don’t know where it came from, but I’ve always had this belief that our reveries as expecting mothers connect us with our babies and help shape, in part, the destinies of our children.  I think of the words from Mary’s story “but Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart”.  I also believe our reveries as humans shape the evolving world around us.  The ability to form an image, a strong image, and “co-create” on this earth seems to be fading… with all the tiny machines and electronic gadgets and so much MEDIA to fill our minds with other people’s pictures and ideas… many seem to simply dwell on the images that are handed down to them without much reflection as to whether they are good, beautiful, or true.  And while free speech is necessary, it also creates a myriad of bad, ugly, and false images to navigate through, doesn’t it? Everything begins with a thought.  The solutions to our problems, the peace we seek to create, the harmony we long for- they all begin with soul-infused thought.  My mantra as of late has been “what we focus on, we get more of”.   I am focusing on connection!

We had a big, beautiful snowfall and the world is white.  Chicken soup, a knitting project (I am trying intarsia for the first time- a slow going cat pillow my daughter begged me to make her from a library book!), and a feeling of being insulated in pure white walls of snow… just what I long for in winter.


The white pages of snow seem to form an empty book for my reveries to fill… the seed catalogs have arrived, and now is a very good time to begin sowing- sowing the seeds of the future’s realities and deeds.  I’ve been reading more about biodynamic gardening (I love the book “Biodynamic Gardening for Health and Taste“), and how winter is the time of greatest activity for the soil… Hilary Wright asserts “Most gardeners believe that this is the quietest time of the gardening year, when the earth lies dormant, and there’s nothing to do but prune roses and read the seed catalogues. Biodynamics sees it differently.  When the sun’s shallow-angled rays pierce deep into the ground they enliven the soil, making it hum with life.  The idea is that the life-forces from the sun are concentrated in the earth during winter…” I feel this to be so true about our inner lives as well.  Carve out the time to reflect, to ponder, to dream, to co-create our life on earth together.  Fill your reveries with goodness, beauty, and truth.  It is not time to dwell on failures, short-comings, worries, fears.  It is time to bring the very best of what we have to offer the world.

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  1. Lovely. Happy everything. All good things , Andrea

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