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River Rock Math Adventure


Brrr, it’s been cold in the northeast.  It seems we get a fresh batch of beautiful pure, white snow at least every other day, and with sniffly noses my children have been inside more than we’d like to be.  I’m trying to include lots of nature in our lessons, so at least in our imaginations we are lost in the great outdoors!

This week the Cloud Boy and his family had a counting adventure.  One way to get down from their mountain to the village is to cross the stream.  It is a wide stream, and during summer when the water ran low they placed 30 rocks across the stream to serve as stepping stones, spaced very close to each other so even the baby can walk across them.  The toddler likes to jump to every other stone, the Cloud Boy hops three stones at a time, the Cloud Boy’s father, his leg injury fully healed and now sprightly as the sheep and mountain goats once again, hops four stones at a time; and their friend, the Giant, hops five whole stones at a time! As everyone jumps we practice counting by ones, twos, threes, fours, and fives. Of course we like to do a bit of jumping ourselves, imagining the stream winding beneath us.





“The baby walks from rock to rock. 1, 2, 3…”

We found the smooth, black river rocks and a silver paint marker at the craft store, and already had the silk “river”.  My toddler has been busily playing all morning with the extra rocks- I think we’ll all be having rock soup for lunch!  Aren’t my peg people rather boring?  I’ll admit I haven’t gotten creative with them at all.  But I’m super excited about the new book by Maragaret Bloom, Making Peg Dolls– 192 pages of Waldorf crafting fun!  Hopefully we’ll be livening up our peg dolls soon.  I already have five of these lovely books en route for the Cedar Ring Circle shop, and I’ve included the book in our next special order (last one before my maternity leave!) which I should be ready to start taking orders on by tomorrow (later than I planned, but better late than never- it’s been a crazy month with wheels falling off of vehicles, major appliances breaking, home renovations, animal mishaps, and stolen debit cards!).  Stay tuned for the discount code and order details if you’re a Cedar Ring Circle member or on our email list. 😉


(Shared on Annette’s Waldorf Wednesday linkup. The best thing to happen to Wednesdays since millet!)

6 thoughts on “River Rock Math Adventure

  1. Beautiful math activity! Thank you for sharing and blessings on your maternity leave.

  2. We are always open to creative ways to work with math and your river rocks will work great for skip counting. Thanks for sharing. I think I will go find some rocks today to make our own.

  3. As I commented on the original story, I love all of this. I am now the happy owner of a bag of river rocks from my local craft shop. (: Again, thank you for sharing. So lovely.

  4. Hi again (;

    I’ve been preparing for a soon use of the Waldorf introduction of the 4 processes all together. With the knowledge that there is some current revolt against using the gnomes for the math processes (;, I’d planned on using them and have been thinking about a story to go with them.

    I’ve decided to introduce your Cloud Boy story and then expand upon it with the Gnome King who is continuing to mine for gems to give to Cloud Boy in order to sell so that Cloud Boy can “tend the clouds” instead of sheep and have money to live. It will be within this context that we give the 4 gnome miners (in this case) the personalities of +, -, x and / in their endeavors to provide Cloud Boy’s family with the gems necessary.

    Just thought I’d share (:

    Now you know for sure that my high accolades of Cloud Boy were not empty words. I so love the story.

    By the way, in preparation for telling the story to my daughters, I asked them this afternoon “Why do you think the clouds always look like shapes? Like dragons and alligators and ships with sails?”

    “I think the wind is a sculptor.” replied by 8 year old.

    Thank you again for sharing Cloud Boy with us all (:

    • I’m glad you love the story as much as we do! I don’t seem to find the time to post all the episodes the cloud boy goes through but *one day* I hope to share our grade one journey story in its entirety in some form, it’s fun to hear your take on it! I don’t completely understand the math gnome madness but in some ways it is probably good to have a backlash on something that becomes the norm “just cuz” and think about why we do what we do… I still love gnomes tho 😉

  5. I know your pregnant and run an excellent business and write really inspired and thoughtful blog posts and homeschool multiple children and keep a lovely home…but could you please hurry up and post all of the Cloud Boy journeys (; I wait in anticipation. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been able to!

    PS. I am in favor of the math gnomes because little peg people gnomes are so darling. And, additionally, our neighbors love wine and save all their corks for my children and we, therefore, have loads of materials for making our own cork dolls (;

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