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Second Anniversary Giveaway!


Wow, two years ago today the Cedar Ring Mama blog was born.  Funny how blogging changes you as you start to interpret your life more and more through the media of photographs and words, trying to portray the actual moments in ways that sometimes fall a bit short, and other times perhaps overly glamorize, the real thing.  But mostly, I appreciate a place to record the happenings of life, as looking back I know that had I not blogged, some of them would certainly have been forgotten- even if it was just the beautiful purple of the sky one twilight evening near Michaelmas, those bright red mushrooms we found in the woods one day, or that recipe I posted and never wrote down anywhere else that I pinned to my own pinterest board to keep from losing.

So, in honor of two years of memories cherished and the joy of connecting with many of you who follow the blog, I think a giveaway is in order!  Since spring is going to be coming around the corner soon, I prepared some goodies to help you decorate your spring nature table…


The new Margaret Bloom book, Making Peg Dolls…

An assortment of 25 peg people and 8 sheets of wool felt to get you started on your peg dolls…

Ostheimer’s “Root Children” silhouette…

a natural gemstone collection- for the gnomes in your life ;)…

2 beeswax candles from Big Dipper Waxworks in spring-themed screen-printed glass…

& Ostheimer’s Amethyst Dwarf and 3 shiny amethyst clusters for him to guard.

For the last giveaway I did, I asked everyone to offer a blessing for our new baby as I had just found out I was expecting.  It was such a joy to read those good wishes and to have them to look back on! With my due date 27 days away (holy moly!), it seems right to ask for a birthing blessing or piece of wisdom that helped make one of your births more peaceful and wonderful as an entry for the giveaway.  For extra entries, share this giveaway on facebook- and if you haven’t already liked Cedar Ring Circle on Facebook or followed this blog, extra entry points if you do! Giveaway ends March 3rd at midnight.

In other news, our last Cedar Ring Circle order is in full swing and I’ve extended the deadline to Sunday, March 3rd as a tummy bug swept through our house early this week and I am a bit behind on getting those new Grimm’s items all loaded into the catalog.  They have some lovely new dolls, including dollhouse family sets, and beautiful glittering mandala puzzles that I adore!



If you’d like to order with us, feel free to join us this month for the budget-minded mama’s selection of everything Waldorf… we are ordering wool felt, roving, wool yarns, wool batting, silk for playsilks, fiber arts tools, Waldorf books, art supplies, musical instruments, wooden toys from Ostheimer, Grimm’s, Kinderkram, & Georgian Wood Toys; woolens & organic cotton clothing, heirloom seeds, beeswax & beeswax sheets, candles, playsilks and dress-up silks, and more!  As I explained to members, I’m not sure when I’ll return to offering our group orders after this- it will depend on our new baby’s personality and needs.  I’m leaving it pretty open-ended, aren’t I?  Perhaps it’s because I am imagining an idyllic summer of turning my computer off most of the time, soaking in the sun and playing in the garden with a wee one on my back in a carrier! 😉

UPDATE: And the winner, chosen by Random.Org, is… Commenter #2, Kory!  Congratulations Kory!

127 thoughts on “Second Anniversary Giveaway!

  1. My three births were each very different, as was each little boy as he grew. I think the most important blessing is for patience, so that you can breathe deep, enjoy your miracle and handle all the struggles that come your way with grace.

  2. What a beautiful and generous giveaway! I didn’t realize our due dates were so close to each other, I am due March 25th!

    I hope you are able to enjoy the last few weeks, that you are not too uncomfortable or tired.

    I wish you a birth filled with peace and love, and what I’m hoping for my own birth, that you are able to sink into the birth experience, welcoming each contraction as part of the beautiful natural process, each one bringing your child closer to your arms.

  3. ‘liked’ you on FB (How had I not done that already??)

  4. Also shared on fb 🙂

  5. Hi Becca, thank you, I wasn’t sure where to respond with a blessing for you & your family: Trust your body & trust your baby! Your body & your baby knows the way & together may you co-create a comfortable, peaceful & joyous birth on your journey to expanded motherhood & family!What a lucky little one to be carried & received by such a loving & conscious family..enjoy a wonderful birth!May your new baby be blessed with all the love, good wishes & intentions you & your family hold! I look forward to future posting of your family & new little one on your spring nature adventures (like the Children in The Forest :)Much love,Jody AndersonDate: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 17:40:55 +0000 To: jodynscott@sympatico.ca

  6. Dear Becca,
    Trust your body & trust your baby! Your baby knows the way & together may you co-create a comfortable, peaceful & joyous birth on your journey to expanded motherhood & family!
    What a lucky little one to be carried & received by such a loving & conscious family..enjoy a wonderful birth!
    May your new baby be blessed with all the love, good wishes & intentions you & your family hold!

    I look forward to future posting of your family & new little one on your spring nature adventures (like the Children in The Forest 🙂
    Much love

  7. Hi! Blessings to you! I’d love to learn more about the membership. I will be making a felt birthday crown and want to start needle felting dolls. What kind of wool is best for needle felting? I’m overwhelmed by the choices! Is it right that the membership only costs $5?

    Wishing you a beautiful birth!


    • Hi Michelle,

      It is $5 for monthly access, and once a person has ordered with us 5 times (do not have to be consecutive times) they are a lifetime member- never pay again and can order as often as wanted. Any wool felt or wool blend felt will be good to needle felt onto, and I offer a big selection of wool roving that is perfect for needle felting with. I’d try the rainbow roving pack, it is 8 oz and a rich assortment of 21 colors, for less than $13- unless you know which colors you want already. 😉

      • I just joined! Thank you. I don’t know how this initial comment showed up here, I replied to your email. Sorry, but thank you for the information!

  8. I am sharing on facebook…(though hesitantly, I hate decreasing my odds!)

  9. Many blessings for you and your little one as you continue your life together in this beautiful world. 🙂

  10. I like your page on Facebook.

  11. I follow your blog.

  12. I shared your giveaway with my Facebook friends.

  13. I have been following you since the start of the school year–my two girls started learning from home this year. I have enjoyed your blogs immensely, and I have appreciated your ideas and activities. So for a blessing: Throughout your labor, may your focus remain on the amazing little gift who has chosen you as a mother. To think you are so close to meeting your little one! May thoughts of meeting her for the first time in this lifetime make the efforts of birth melt away into joy and celebration! ~Monica

  14. My wish for you ❤ May you follow your heart and trust your wisdom and may you feel the arms of all other influences holding you safe on your way. Thinking of you, mama!

  15. Also liked you on FB;)

  16. During labor with my second child, I chanted the Metta prayer, which I’d learned from my yoga instructor: “May I be filled with loving kindness, May I be free, May I be peaceful and at ease, May I be happy.” It was very powerful, and it is my wish for you and your growing family. Warmly, Michelle

  17. So many blessings on you & your family! I cannot believe it’s almost time. I wish you the most beautiful birth imaginable… xo

  18. Sweet blessings for the birth of your new baby! I loved having a variety of flowers in the room while giving birth to my daughter… she was born on one of the stormiest and darkest autumn days of the year, but those flowers were really relaxing!

  19. “Liked” you on facebook.

  20. Shared your giveaway on Facebook!

  21. Great giveaway! Thanks!

    And giveaway or not one mama to another I wish you strength, courage and peace in the coming weeks. 🙂 blessings!

  22. Oh and I shared and liked you on Facebook!! Just discovered your blog, love it!

  23. May you and your baby be in tune as your bodies work together to bring him into this world. Sweet blessings!

  24. Blessings on your birth and your new joy that is entering this world.

  25. I like you on facebook

  26. I shared the post on facebook. Congratulations on your anniversary and upcoming birth!

  27. I am adoptive mama so I’m sorry I can’t share any birthing wisdom. For baby wisdom, I do recommend (and you probably already appreciate) skin to skin contact time. It helps when the baby is newborn and still itsy bitsy and it is a beautiful bonding moment! We did it with our preemie daughter we adopted and it helped her to grow and attach to us. ❤

  28. The Bible says Children are a blessing from the Lord – you are truly blessed!!! Have loved your blog from the beginning and enjoyed every post. Thinking of you,

  29. I already follow your blog. Who couldn’t like it?

  30. Liked you on Facebook

  31. After 3 babies, I realized that the best advice for a smooth beautiful birth is to keep talking to your baby weeks before the birth. Tell him what to expect, and what to do…I know it sounds weird, but I know it made a huge difference during my third labor and delivery. Wishing you a magical, fast, easy birth!

  32. I just liked you on Facebook! Thank you!

  33. This was one of my favorite blessings for my babes as they transitioned into this world, “May we honor you, empower you, to be who you are.” Happy birthing.

  34. Also, liked you on fb. ❤

  35. Not so much a blessing as words I remember as a mom… “if I had a prayer, it would be this: Spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen.”. Have a wonderful birth and enjoy your new baby.

  36. Many blessings! Lucky baby, to be choosing you and your family to join. 🙂 Peaceful and joyous wishes to you.

  37. I hope you’re surrounded with lots of love and support. I was never able to convince my hubby of a home/natural delivery… 😦
    And, thank you for you do for us with the co-op! I think I joined you from the very beginning!
    Enjoy you’re last weeks!

  38. I follow you on FB!

  39. I follow your blog!

  40. Shared on FB!

  41. nice giveaway! thank you!

  42. I follow you on facebook. Warmest blessings for your baby’s birth! Focusing on breath and visualizing my baby moving down with every contraction helped me to stay focused and calm. I wish the same for you!

  43. Oh wow, you are so close to meeting your newest wee one! IIRC, this is your 4th? Having 4 taught me to let go. A ‘yes’ to something is a’no’ for something else and that became so apparent with our 4th. May you be surrounded with much peace, light and love as you venture down this amazing path! Oh and I think spring babies are so delightful! Love & light

  44. Make sure you get a milkshake after the baby is born. Because it tastes really good. I follow your blog and shared on facebook. Blessings to your family and let the fun begin.

  45. May you have the time and space, clarity and calmness to enjoy all that you have created and all that you have become. Your birth will be divine, there is no other way, the trick is to know you are always held in divine grace. Blessings for your birth and your family and you mama!
    Your website and blog have been a continuing inspiration for me as I am creating a forest school in my community, thank you!

  46. Sending you many blessings…the thing that made my birthing experience special was just having my husband by my side…seriously!

  47. I have liked you on FB!

  48. I have shared your FB give-away on FB!

  49. I am following your blog, and loving it!

  50. And now, some blessings for you and your little one in this exciting time! I wish for you a trouble free, lovely birth. I hope baby comes in his or her own time and her/his own way. I loved this time of anticipation, waiting to meet my little persons for the first time face to face. xxxx

  51. This is more of a practical blessing, but the yoga practice of bee breathing completely transformed my labor with my second child. Highly recommended if it feels right. Be well.

  52. Blessings for a healthy birth. Words that helped me through a difficult birth were ‘childbirth is a portal’ and for the easier one, I just remember being so grateful for the gentle support of my midwife, so I hope for you to be surrounded by the support and love that matters most to you.

  53. Hi Becca,

    Your body knows what to do. Your baby knows what to do. This is divine and ancient wisdom. May you and your husband celebrate being held in the flow of that creation energy as you birth your new one. May all your children enjoy and be inspired by the experience of the birth of their newest sibling.

    Your plans for your babymoon sound perfect (but I will miss the co-op!)!

  54. Congratulations!! My mantra during labour that helped was ‘I trust that my body knows how to birth my babe’ and it really did help. Blessings for your growing family xx

  55. My best advice for birthing is to just relax into it and “go with the flow”. Never tense or tighten up…and remember to breathe!

  56. What helped me most with my last homebirth was to enter the pain. If I could picture myself sinking into it like the pain was a body of water, I was then immersing myself in what my body was doing, not fighting.

    I liked you on Facebook and shared this giveaway, too.

  57. Blessings on your birth! Think low, round, and open. Relax your mouth and jaw and your whole body will relax and open.

  58. You already know you can do this. Also make sure to keep your mouth loose a relaxed mouth is a relaxed cervix.

    I already follow your blog and “like” you on FB. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for all that you do.

  59. The logistics — I followed the blog. I liked you on FB. Here’s a comment (:

    The important stuff — My blessing for you is bringing into your heart that what is is what should be.

    I’ve seen it happen where people have too concrete of ideas on how their births are going to go and then are disappointed to varying degrees about how it actually went. No matter what happens, how it happens, where it happens, with whom it happens, how long it takes, how short it takes, intervention that might be needed — no matter, no matter, no matter. What Is Is What Should Be.

    I hope for your idyllic summer. (And that’s a very selfless thing for me to wish since what I I I I want is daily posts — sometimes twice daily (; Love your words.


  60. Sending you blessings from our family and one mama to another. I hope your experience is amazing. My advice is to be grateful for every moment, even those that you might not feel like being grateful for at the time. Most of all, I wish you peace – before, during and after.

  61. Also, I liked you on Facebook and follow your blog:)

  62. Lovely giveaway! Don’t enter me though since I already have the book and the peg dolls. Though that silhouette gives me pause… Love the gnome too.

    Anyway, a blessing. God, Good, Guides, Guards & Governs you. (the 5 G’s) There’s nothing outside of that. You and your little one are completely taken care of.

    Love to you!

  63. New babies are so exciting – my best advice is to listen to those women that you trust – their wisdom will come back to your when you most need it during birth. I heard my sister in laws’ voice as clear as day when I was having my daughter and her wisdom was just what I needed!

  64. For the birth of my daughter (posterior, natural, out of hospital) I worked really hard to bring her into the world but it wasnt until I surrendered, got really quiet, and found my inner peace & strength in that stillness that I was able to bring her into this world.
    Blessings to you and baby ❤

  65. I “liked” Cedar Ring Circle (and am really excited about it)

  66. Shared the giveaway and like you on FB

  67. Lots of blessings !!!! Already share your page with my friends !!

  68. What a beautiful offering. For the birth of my youngest daughter I found the need to really dig down deep and find the strength inside myself to remind me that women are so incredibly beautiful and powerful.

  69. What a great giveaway, cannot believe it’s almost spring, yay! Still have to make some things so this package would help a lot :).
    For my blessing I want to share with you a quote from Henry David Thoreau ‘You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.’ I think it holds up well in light of giving birth 🙂

  70. I liked you on FB

  71. and follow your blog!

  72. hello, thanks for the chance, and blessings on your upcoming birth. we’ve got 7 weeks to go here on number 3 🙂

  73. following you now on wordpresss :_)

  74. I’ve only just found you so, it feels a bit presumptuous offering advice. So I’ll just offer a quote from one of my favorite authors:
    “For each of us as women, there is a deep place within, where hidden and growing our true spirit rises…Within these deep places, each one holds an incredible reserve of creativity and power, of unexamined and unrecorded emotion and feeling. The woman’s place of power within each of us…it is dark, it is ancient, and it is deep.” –Audre Lorde
    Wishing you a peaceful, gentle and glowing birth 🙂

  75. Shared the giveaway and liked you on FB. My Waldorf heart is all aflutter 🙂

  76. Wishing you a peaceful and healthy birth.

  77. Liked and shared on facebook.

  78. Many blessing for a peaceful and wonderful birth! Thank you for this chance!

  79. Oh what an amazingly beautiful time! This renegotiating process is the biggest most beautiful example of the gift of life we are given. It is that rare moment where we can embrace our strength as women and be humbled at the same time. We can let go, without fear. Challenged to trust. You are surrounded by angels as you move through the birth. This dance between you and your child. Enjoy your moments. Wallow in the sweet nectar of infancy. Accept the help of others and take care in those first few weeks. Do not over do it. Even if you feel that you are ready to dive back in, take a deep breath and enjoy your restful moments. Allow your body to heal. We as women in this society don’t take enough time to allow our bodies to recover from childbirth. Also if you have access to it there are lots of fantastic doTerra essential oil birth protocols – helichrysum is especially good for preventing tearing and frankincense for the baby at birth. How exciting – yay!!!!

  80. I have been “following” you for a bit now, since probably early in your 2nd trimester. You are an inspiration with all you do in your home and for your blog! My only piece offer of blessing is to just totally and completely surrender. I learned to let go in a big way, going for an HBAC with my 2nd babe…. lots of demons in my closet that I had to face and just trust and surrender… Oh, and I sent up a big prayer to Archangel Gabriel (protector of all pregnant mamas and babies and children), to have the easiest and safest birth for my baby and me, and that is what I was granted!! A safe and relatively easy homebirth for my 2nd baby boy 🙂 Many joys and blessings to you as you approach your labor day!

  81. I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for awhile now….

  82. Ack, I can’t keep track of who I follow on FB and/or newsletters, but I now follow you on FB too 🙂

  83. Hi, I am ordering ths time but I am so tired I cannot keep my eyes ope. I’ll get you ASAP Thanks!!

  84. Well wishes to you! I remember a dear friend saying to me on the birth of my first child “…Except a plan B or a Plan C and hope for a toothpaste kind of birth.” (like when you accidently rest your elbow on an full and open tube of toothpaste) It was a very funny visual when things weren’t going as I had hoped.

  85. I have shared on FB – what a fantastic giveaway!

  86. I am following you everywhere now 😉 Rest up!

  87. Congratulations on your soon to be here little blessing! I pray that your child will know the importance and joy of helping others, and finds beauty in all the world around him(her).

    I hope that you are (relatively) comfortable in your last few weeks of pregnancy. What helped me most in that last stage of labor was constantly telling myself that my body was meant for this.

  88. So I think that I just wrote a long thing, but it just got deleted. Oh well… (and sorry if this is the second time it is posting).

    What helped me most during that last brutal stage of labor was constantly reminding myself that my body was meant for this. Throughout all the pain, it was such a joy knowing I was finally experiencing this miraculous event which I had been waiting so so long for.

  89. I’m also a fan of yours on Facebook 🙂

  90. liked, and shared!

  91. What a wonderful giveaway!! I will keep you and your little one in my prayers and wish you all the best of an easy delivery and a wonderful magical time with your new baby!!

  92. Shared on Facebook and liked you while I was there. Not sure how I hadn’t already liked you there.

  93. yes a really beautiful (& generous giveaway) – wow! my 3 births each had lessons of their own. in my last birth, another lovely home birth for me, during a transition that seemed longer to me than my 2nd birth’s speedy delivery, my midwife said the most powerful thing to me. she knew this was our last PG and birth so in b/w contractions when i was expressing my frustration she said “this is christmas eve! you are about to open the most amazing christmas present ever…why do you want to rush it so much?” and wow, i still think about this advice 4 1/2 yrs later. so, even if just for a split second in b/w those intense contractions, try to remind yourself of the awesome gift of birth, the awesome place you are in that you will never be in again in your life! birth blessings from san diego (:

  94. Shared your giveaway on Facebook (Michelle Marinelli Prindle)

  95. I’d just like to suggest you remember what a sacred and special experience this is, and that even through the pain, it is still one of the most beautiful and special things you will ever do in your life. Giving birth is such a sacred gift. Try to remember that, and enjoy the blessing of this opportunity-to bring a beautiful new life into a beautiful world. What a blessed little one to have you! Thank you for sharing all you do!

  96. I’ve been following you on FB for a while now. I love the items on the giveaway so much! I may have to purchase them, as I’ve been delving into the Waldorf world recently. I also shared on FB!

  97. What an amazing giveaway! How excited you and your home must be to have the arrival of your new one so close. Wishing you a peaceful labor and delivery filled with love and comfort. May you have restful and joyous babymoon. Cherish each moment, even the difficult ones, as they soon will pass and your little ones will be grown. These days are so precious. Be present and breath. Much love, Elizabeth

  98. best wishes to your family and your new arrival. my birth experience was mindful, but far from peaceful. however, i breathed and smiled through the suffering and came out joyous… i think you’ll like this quote:-

    “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” Thich Nhat Hanh

  99. What a fantastic giveaway! We are wishing you a joyous birth as you welcome your newest little one. May the peace and knowing of birth wash over you as you work. You are in our thoughts ❤

  100. Also shared on fb. Thanks so much.

  101. Sending you peaceful and easy birthing thoughts and energy. I hope you have a wonderful birthing and baby moon! What a wonderful giveaway.

  102. I shared on facebook!

  103. I’m sending you thoughts of comfort & strength & peace & love. I’m hoping that you feel lifted up and supported in your blessed role as a mother and praying that the addition of your newest little one will go smoothly, before, during and after the birthing process. 🙂

  104. I also shared this post on Facebook!

  105. And I’ve subscribed to follow your blog by email (funny, I thought I already had!)

    Btw, thanks so much for your speedy email reply about my ordering question. I’m so glad I’ve stumbled across your blog in the last month or two, I look forward to getting to know you! 🙂

  106. That is so exciting! Maybe baby will arrive on 29th, like mine did 🙂

    I wish you easy and happy delivery – and follow your heart and soul! It is so wonderful to receive new life in your arms!


  107. And of course – I follow your blog!

  108. Holy crow! I just saw this! Ack! I’m in shock… How do I contact you?

  109. NM, just found your email buried in my junk mail.


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