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Peter Ray’s Birth


After publishing my last blog post, I went to snuggle my 3 yr old goodnight and fell asleep (as I often do!) in her bed. I woke a few hours later, around 11:00 pm and thought my water might be breaking. Sure enough when I stood up, it was time- and I had a small contraction.  I called my midwife’s assistant, who lives close by.  We debated whether or not she should come right away, and then I had another contraction (it had been about 5 minutes since the first) and we decided she should definitely come right away.  Meanwhile, my house was a bit of a disaster.  We’d had a grand old time with friends earlier that day, 8 wild kids running around the house- and I think every plate and cup in the house were dirty.  I quickly rinsed everything and got the dishwasher going, cleaned the bath toys out of the bath and scrubbed it sparkly clean, straightened up a bit, pausing during contractions… then donned the only appropriate birthing attire I could find, a bikini bottom and (since I couldn’t find the top), a bright pink tank top that I tied up over my huge belly since I didn’t want to be wearing soggy clothes soaking waist down in the tub.  I was about to hop in the tub and try to relax when another family member threw up… all over the kitchen floor.   So 45 minutes after my water broke there I was, on my hands and knees wiping up puke in my bikini bottoms with my huge belly hanging out when in walks Emma to help me have this baby!  I got into the tub, got my candles lit, turned my tunes on and tried to relax as she took my blood pressure and listened to the baby’s heartbeat.

But I couldn’t get comfortable.  Boy were those contractions strong! I really started to feel terrified that I wouldn’t be able to endure a few hours of labor if already it was that strong.  I actually felt panic- and then I realized this baby was ready.  I certainly didn’t expect him to come so quickly but when I realized he was ready, the panic started to subside. Minutes later I was holding my babe (about an hour and fifteen minutes since my water broke)! The most beautiful little boy, with a thick head of dark hair.  My midwife, Meg, arrived shortly after, and once the equipment was sterilized for the cord clamping about half hour later, we woke my oldest son up as he’d asked to be the one to cut the cord.  I pushed the placenta out, took my healing herbal post-partum bath, and by 3 am I was snuggled up in bed with my husband and new baby!

I’ve been trying to relax (honestly I am not that good at it- or at least, not at all used to it!), and have definitely bonded with the little man.  Our days are full of…

snuggles (I know a good Waldorf mother would have a bonnet on her baby’s head but I just can’t resist the feel of his little head tucked under my chin when I wear him in the sling, with all that silky smooth baby hair to nuzzle against!)


reading…  The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell to my children (it’s a must-read!) and The Incarnating Child for me,


and cookies.  (Snickerdoodles! Because they are so much fun to make.)


Although other than an occasional snickerdoodle, my breastfeeding diet is pretty much dairy free and brassica free- with lots of Weleda nursing tea to soothe digestion… as this seems to work best for my babes.

So many thanks for all the love and support sent my way, our family is doing wonderfully and our little Ray of Light feels like such a part of our family, it’s hard to imagine that just ten days ago we hadn’t even seen his beautiful eyes open to take in the world yet!


9 thoughts on “Peter Ray’s Birth

  1. Oh, Becca,

    This is such a beautiful birth story. It’s so wonderful that you brought this sweet babe into this world, surrounded by family. You are an incredible mama and I am so happy for you and your family. Congratulations again and thank you for sharing the story of Peter Ray’s birth.



  2. Congratulations mama!! He is a beautiful babe. And for what it’s worth I seriously doubt that a lack of bonnet, while being held in a sling on mama’s chest would have anyone thinking you’re not a great waldorf mama! 🙂 Besides he’s got so much lovely thick hair, that’ll help keep his sweet noggin warm.

  3. Congratulation ,Beca, thanks, to sharing these wonderful moments with us. God bless

  4. Congratulations! Beautiful!

  5. Congratulations! I am continually inspired by how you manage and orchestrate the magic moments! He is a such a beautiful baby! I am also sharing in your joy since last year I also gave birth to our fourth child and third son, so I am loving the siblings picture and relating to your glowing moments. Enjoy these early days of newborn slumber and angel breath. A blessed Easter to you and your family.

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely birth! Tell me about Weleda Nursing tea–my three month old is still seeming to have more gasiness than I expect–could it still help at this point in the game??

  7. Aw, so adorable! I’m with ya on the hair. Both my babes has lovely full heads of hair and it seemed a shame to cover with a hat, at least at home and while they were snug against Mama. Enjoy this special time with your family!

  8. Beautiful! Congratulations on your birth and wee babe.

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