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Beyond “Making The Best of Things”


This weekend we visited the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and spent some time among the beautiful trees in the woods there, collecting twigs, branches, and pine needles for a small fire in one of the shelters and learning about fire safety…


And last night before bed, we embarked on our theme adventure for the summer… “Summer Camp”. It was rainy and damp outside, but inside, we gathered the sleeping bags and made a little fire in the playroom.


Our “fire” was just a few pieces of kindling propped around a flashlight with a yellow silk draped around it.  We had a blue silk “pond” with stuffed swan, turtle, frog, and lobster; a “woods” with bears and bunny; and we told stories and sang camp songs.  Nothing too complicated in this season of life with a newborn, but it was still a fun way to welcome summer in our family, and each child truly enjoyed it (even wide-eyed Baby Peter, who soaks it all up in amazement!).

After my last post and a bit more Wayne Dyer (I’ve finished “Your Erroneous Zones” and moved on to “Real Magic”), I’ve felt such a huge boost.  Moving beyond “making the best of things”, is a place of pure joy and realization that things really are the best they can possibly be, as every moment offers the opportunity to walk along this magical path of life in communion with my Source and the four wonderful little people whose destinies are lovingly, intricately woven together with mine.   I realized I had been subconsciously pinning my happiness to an ideal in which my husband is home for dinner and on weekends, is super involved with the kids, and is around to occasionally give me a break from it all. I was essentially telling myself “I will only allow myself to be happy if (insert ideal scenario) happens.”  The potential to add peace, joy, and laughter to our days always exists- whether daddy is home for dinner or not- so I’m giving myself permission to enjoy every moment!

3 thoughts on “Beyond “Making The Best of Things”

  1. So glad Becca. Sounds like a perfect evening.


  2. I understand completely Go for it! Love it all!! Thx u for sharing and being inspiring and connecting us All 🙂 Xo Lisa weinstein North Salem ny

  3. “pinning my happiness to an ideal”… well put & very helpful. thanks:-)

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