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Giveaway Winner and Call of the Woods…


I am so excited about the giveaway winner…  not only because she is a dear friend, who has mentored me in many ways with her compassionate spirit and faith-filled heart- but because I know she will make the most of everything in the giveaway.  She is a budget-conscious mama who often shares her thrifty, do-it-yourself Waldorf tips and tricks with all of us at Choco Eyes. I spent 90 minutes tallying up the points in an excel spreadsheet, and out of 1437 entrypoints, random.org picked pointholder 171- Becca. She commented, “Shared on my MamaWestWind facebook page. Lovely items!” Congratulations, Becca, and I THANK ALL OF YOU from the bottom of my heart.  The giveaway generated 50 new blog likes, 275 facebook likes, and over 3000 blog hits- I will definitely be offering more giveaway throughout the year in order to share with all of you, and spread the word about Cedar Ring Circle.

The woods has been calling to me lately.  With baby in tow, it often feels like a lot of work to get the kids ready for a hike in the woods, and I have been feeling “stuck in the house” mentally.  The other day, I met up with a friend who is feeling the exact same way.  We buddied up to hike her woods with our children, and it was sooo refreshing.  I am planning to begin our homeschool days with at least an hour in the woods, mostly freeplay with a bit of science, practice of times tables, and our morning circle.  I think getting out of the house will truly help me mentally “be ready” for school, because we will be more motivated to be dressed and ready to go out the door as well as be removed from all the “should do’s” of looming housework and homemaking tasks.  But most of all, I feel led to do this for spiritual renewal.  There is just nothing like time in the woods for helping me get my priorities straight and our whole family into a better place.   And there is no better place than the woods for children to be children… boys to be boys.







A quiet moment.


I am enthralled with mushrooms…




DSC_0060Finally found the famous red-with-white-spots toadstool… and realized the “white spots” are really places where the outer layer of red skin has been nibbled or peeled away!


Next month I will be offering field guides to co-op members- mushrooms, birds, trees, you name it- thanks to a new supplier.  Can’t wait! Anyone know the names of these mushrooms?

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and Call of the Woods…

  1. You are doing an awesome job! Congrats to the winner! Fall is such a great time for the woods walks! i also get stuck inside
    ….but when i do get out i feel amazing…I have to push myself, but it is worth it every time! Thanks for sharing….it helps to know i am not the only mama that gets stuck~

  2. Oh my!!! I am so grateful and so, so excited!!! Thank you! Your pics are so lovely! The pics of the boys in mud and the girls holding hands, aw, so darling! I am also enthralled with mushrooms, I love seeing them in the woods around my Mom’s house in NY. Love to you and your dear family!

  3. congratulations Becca!! You are soooo lucky and envied right about now! Enjoy. and we are so ready to spend more of time out in the woods. The spiders and heat have made us less ready, but i’m anxious for fall forests!

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