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The Sweetness Flows


It has been a challenging few months.  I’ve missed blogging, but the words just wouldn’t come; I believe I was trying so hard to process and make sense of my rapidly shifting circumstances, that I wasn’t able to pin my thoughts down with enough certainty and clarity to write in this space. I don’t know what’s going in with the planetary movements and star impulses, but I’ve noticed a decided shift in the past week, one that has entered not only my life, but the lives of loved ones around me as well.  Perhaps, we have finally finished strengthening the will after the season of Michaelmas, and are beginning to enter, moving towards Martinmas & Thanksgiving, the sharing and reflecting on the efforts and fruits of our deeds. It is not only the spring work of sowing and the summer work of cultivating- but the harvest itself is work, as gathering, storing, and preserving take just as much, if not more, effort than the work of spring and summer.  Winter approaches, and brings with it a slower way of living and being. We reflect on and savor taste the results of our hard work with a forward gaze, planning to incorporate the lessons we have learned into our future pursuits.

I have been juggling homeschooling with three children and a baby, running Cedar Ring Circle (which has grown to 300 families!), soccer season, being a mostly single parent while my husband helped a business partner open a natural living store a few hours away.  Things did not work out as the partner had envisioned, and he left to pursue other endeavors.  I am now moving households to be closer to the store to take over running the store and making it successful with my father, a family friend, and our wonderful staff esthetician.  My husband has returned to work as a sales rep in the natural products industry, realizing it takes time to build a retail business that can support our family financially and right now, supporting his family financially is his calling.  The new store is wonderful, and I am creating a Waldorf section to complement all the holistic products offered here and attempting to gracefully merge these two efforts.


What is the secret to truly catalyzing our efforts to get the most out of them, and accomplishing all the work we believe we are called to do?  Faith and intention.  When we merge these, to both call forth our purpose in life and to believe that we are given each moment- never a moment less, never a moment more- that we need to fulfill it; this lends itself to true productivity.  I have recently, jokingly, made Wonder Woman my facebook profile picture…


Friends have asked me how I manage it all, and while I can thank my energetic sanguine temperament for some of the emotional go-go juice, learning about the power of human intention and believing that each moment is a gift to be enjoyed with thankfulness and purpose are a very important piece of the puzzle. This does not mean I begrudge myself down time; there are many times when I purpose to just stop moving and doing, and rest a moment to pace myself.  For instance, in the mid afternoon “slump” of the day, I hand my 3 year old a container of warm water, a paint brush, and let her “paint” my face, arms, and legs with warm water- a sensory activity she enjoys (she has such a nurturing spirit!) and one that relaxes me.  It is important not to drive ourselves too hard, or we will burn out.  But it is far more important to be passionate about what we are doing, because passion can propel us forward with much less of our energy being expended.  Take a moment and check in with yourself; is the way you spend your time in line with your passion? If not, you begin moving in that direction simply by intending it to be so; a very practical way to do this is to envision what your life would look like if you spent your time doing what you are passionate about. The fruit of sowing these intentions, which like seeds magically emerge from dormancy and become amazing organic life, will come.  When we do the work of intending, we do not need to come up with a plan that is set in stone.  We create a fluid, dream-nuanced imagination of what calls to us. I still don’t know how all the details of my new set of circumstances will work out.  How will each of my children will be cared for during the hours I work at the store? How I will manage less rural living and still keep my connection to nature strong and thriving, which sustains me and builds me up spiritually? What will our homeschooling schedule look like? But I do know that these things will work out and I am attracting the wisdom and support I need in real time.  I appreciate you, my friends, attracting it with me.  Even though we may be hard-pressed at times, the work we do that is true to our calling, is worth it. And through it, the sweetness of life flows.









5 thoughts on “The Sweetness Flows

  1. “When we do the work of intending, we do not need to come up with a plan that is set in stone. We create a fluid, dream-nuanced imagination of what calls to us.” Yes, yes!!! I love this! I feel myself doing this work of intending right now. I’m in a process of aligning my life with my deepest values, and it takes time, and that’s okay. Thank you for this post!

  2. Beautiful. Will send order later today . Congrats on the new store. X


  3. Hi

    Wondering were is the store If it is near us Natural beauty and waldorf supplies sounds nice.


  4. Really appreciate this perspective on following passions! Keep on intending Mama!

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