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Sweetheart Candle Tutorial And A Giveaway


Some of you may remember this post about beeswax cookie cutter candles.  Ever since then, I had been turning over in my mind a way to make heart candles, and then I realized- I just had to make vertical stacks instead of horizontal ones…

I gathered up my children and supplies, and we started cutting out hearts.  We each used two or three beeswax candle sheets for this project, and our tools included assorted cookie cutters, cutting boards, wooden skewers, and candle wick.  Beeswax sheets handle best if they are warm; I find placing them in a sunny window for a few hours before you begin is the best way to warm them.  They really “catch” the warmth of the sun and become pliable and easy to work with.  You can also hold them over a steaming pot of water for a few seconds or run a blow dryer over them for faster results.


After pressing the cookie cutter down on one side, flip the sheet and cookie cutter upside down and finish pressing the wax downward towards the cutting board.


My eight year old was able to analyze how best to use each sheet so that there would be minimal scraps.  I helped my four year old place her cutter streategically. 🙂 At the end of the project, we gathered each color into its own scrap ball.  I save these in a mason jar for future projects- melting down and adding color to homemade beeswax crayons, modeling wax, or candles.  I think we’ll be using these scraps to make Valentine tealights or floating walnut shell candles.


The shapes quickly stacked up.  You may wish to rub a few drops of your favorite sweet smelling essential oils onto the cutouts, but be careful- some essential oils are highly flammable.


We carefully made holes through the center of each candle cutout.  After the first one, we used each consecutive cutout hole as a guide for our next hole, to be sure all the holes would line up well. My eight year old was able to do this on his own, but I did my four year old’s holes for her (she might have been able to do it but her attention span was elsewhere, lol!).


Next, we strung them onto the candle wick.  This was the trickiest part- but again, my eight year old was able to do it.  If your holes are big enough, you shouldn’t have much trouble.  Next time, I think I’ll dip the tip of the wick in some melted wax to keep it from fraying, so it is easier to pull through. Save one sheet for the base sheet of the candle, no hole.


When you are finished stringing your shapes onto the wick, pull the wick firmly to ensure it has not looped up in between sheets and there is no slack.  Press your sheets firmly together, and again pull your wick firmly so it is taut. Then trim the wick flush with the bottom, and press it down onto the reserved “base” cutout.  Trim the top about half an inch from the uppermost cutout.  Your candle is done!


My children absolutely loved this craft, and the results were lovely.  They will make great gifts, centerpieces for our Valentine meal table, and the possibilities with other seasonal celebrations and cutout shapes are endless! Our candles lasted 2-3 hours.


Candlemas is coming up this Sunday, too.  If you are in need of beeswax sheets or candlemaking supplies, visit my newly redesigned shop– you’ll find everything you need.  You can order kits of 8 sheets in natural, rainbow, or a special Valentine assortment- or just pick and choose individual sheets from a selection of 17 colors. To receive your items in time for Candlemas, get your orders in by midnight today (Tuesday, January 28th).


If you read my last post, you know my family has faced challenging times recently.  One of my struggles has been that my website provider outsourced to a new service, and to get the Cedar Ring Circle website up and running, there is a lot of tweaking to do.  It takes time, and as I redo countless hours’ worth of work, I appreciate everyone’s patience.  It will be worth it- the new site is beautiful and much more functional. I’d also like to transform a difficult task into a fun, creative process supported by the intentions, enthusiasm, and interest of our wonderful online Waldorf community, as well as keep everyone engaged as the website grows and new products are added.  In that vein, one of our co-op members is creating a special peg doll named Woody, and Woody is going to be making random appearances throughout the Cedar Ring Circle catalog.  Each week, he’ll be hijacking a new product photo, and each week, the person to spot Woody first and email me at becca@cedarringcircle.com or comment on the Cedar Ring Circle facebook page will get a $10 credit towards in stock items. I’ll announce Woody’s first appearance soon!

In the meantime, let’s kick off the newly designed website and the first products I’ve uploaded to it so far with a giveaway!

Jan2014GiveawayThe giveaway includes a copy of Winter Nature Activities With Children, 20 beeswax sheets in your choice of colors, a set of 40 assorted peg people, and a $50 gift certificate for in stock items at Cedar Ring Circle (and I’ll be adding new items all week!).  Ships free to US recipients; winners from other countries must pay shipping costs.

To enter, leave one comment per person letting me know how many points you earned…

  • 1 point for visiting the new site and sharing what you like best about the new design
  • 2 points for sharing the giveaway on facebook or if you don’t have facebook, with a friend
  • 3 points for signing up for the Cedar Ring Circle newsletter (do this right on the new website) *if you do not already receive it*

Giveaway will end Friday, February 1st. Good luck!

78 thoughts on “Sweetheart Candle Tutorial And A Giveaway

  1. 6 points! Here’s to the new website, and a great giveaway!

  2. I like your new website! It is fresh, clear and more accessible!

  3. 6 points! I love the new website, it is really appealing visually, there’s no clutter and seems much easier to find what you are looking for. Thanks for doing the giveaway and working so hard on this!

  4. 6 points!! I love the giant cover photos on your new website! It really shows off the beauty of your products (which is why we love them!).

  5. 6 points, love the look of the new website, easy to navigate and visually appealing. Thank you for all you do!

  6. 6 points! Your new website is so easy to navigate!

  7. 6 POINTS! THE NEW SITE IS NICE AND EASY TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! SO sorry for all the website drama you had to deal with…Maybe this will all work out to be even better and easier for you! Good Luck to you and to us at the family fun school! ❤ what you sell!

  8. Beautiful! A friend shared your site and I’m so excited. My children are 6 and 8 – and they are going to love making these candles. And you have large sets of peg people! Yay!

  9. 🙂 ❤ this idea, shared and would LOVE to win this for my 3 wee ones! 🙂

  10. 6 Points! Honestly, the first thing I fell in love with was the 6 eye candy pictures to scroll through on the home page. And the website is so clean and easy to navigate. I look forward to continued business with you!

  11. It is very clear and very professional, I love the new site and can’t wait to send friends there! Life challenges are never fun with a house full of little ones but sometimes they lead to better tomorrows!

  12. He didn’t close the door, He closed the window and the door is swinging open! I love the clean look and the ease of navigation on the new store front. The bigger pictures are great too. Can’t wait it hunt down Woody! Thanks for the giveaway. I liked, shared, and get the newsletter. 🙂

  13. I signed up for the new newsletter on your redesigned website!

  14. I love the new site- it is much easier to navigate from a mobile device and the bigger pictures are so appealing! Congratulations to you!

  15. I shared your awesome giveaway in Facebook!

  16. ive signed up for the e newsletter thank you!

  17. Becca : I’m loving this new website. It’s clear customer friendly and makes it easier to shop. Many blessings to you and your family!
    6 points : I hope I win ♡

  18. 1- Visited the website and really LOVE knowing now what’s currently in stock and what’s special order

    2- Shared on facebook!

    3- I already receive the newsletter. 🙂

  19. 6 points 🙂 Love the clear navigation of the new site! Thanks for the chance to win.

  20. I get your newsletter : )

  21. ..and I ADORE the new website! It’s so simple and pretty and I’m finding it easier to maneuver than the original site. It’s just much more open and flows nicely.

  22. (6 points)Your site is beautiful and easy to navigate, the pictures are also lovely! So glad to hear from you, and that everything has turned for the better. After your last newsletter I was kinda worried =P, so happy you are seeing the light side now! I hope everyone is feeling better and no longer sick.

  23. I like the white background, makes everything easy to see. The featured best selling item is nice. It gives inspiration and perhaps a reminder!

  24. The new site is Lovely…Easier to navigate…Take a nice deep Breath…~*

  25. I love the new website. I love the beautiful, close up pictures in the banner. I’ve also shared on my MamaWestWind fb page but please don’t enter me in the giveaway. I’ve been too blessed by you before.


  26. Love the new website, but it so does not like my e-mail address, Just sayin. I did share on facebook 🙂 and signed up for the newsletter as it might not recognize the other e-mail. Really like the close up photos.

  27. 6 points! I love that everything is so easy to navigate and you have everything needed. I always wanted to get into candle making and this makes it so easy! Thank you!!!!

  28. 4 points. I like the “fresh & clean” look of your website. I also think that it is easier to navigate. Good luck with everything!

  29. 1) love the new design. so clean and simple.
    2) shared on fb
    3) signed-up for the newsletter
    Yay for 6 pts!

  30. I absolutely love the look of the new website. The layout is simple, clean, and so easy to navigate. The white background really makes the product photos pop, as well!

  31. 6 points, I love that the font on the new site is big enough to read on my phone screen without squinting! It’s looking great!

  32. 3 points, I already receive the newsletter. The new website is great so far! It’s much easier to navigate on a mobile device.

  33. 6 points.:) Great website! As a newcomer I love the ease of navigation and accessibility. Best of luck!

  34. 6 points here. I told my blog followers via fb about the shop and giveaway. I think I will head over and get some beeswax sheets so my homeschool co op kids in my 18th century life class can make candles 🙂

  35. 6 points and I think the new website is very colourful and I especially love the candle tutorial, thank you.

  36. 3 pts…already receive the newsletter, but shared on fb and love the new design so very much! Much easier on the eyes and so classy!

  37. It looks very petty and much more user friendly! I am already a subscriber. 4 points total 🙂

  38. 3 points for me! I already receive the newsletter. Love the clean look of the new website! Can’t wait to try and spot Woody! What a fun idea!

  39. 4 points! Your new site is so fresh and clean looking!

  40. 6 points! I did it all! I LOVE your new site!!!! I have been wanting to order from you for a while but your old site was difficult to navigate and CLUTTERED!!! I LOVE the new photos on the main page! BEAUTIFUL!!! Expect a BIG order after our tax refund!

  41. brilliant and beautiful website and I’ve signed up for your newsletter – if only you were closer!

  42. 6 points. Sleeker, more appealing new website. Sharing on Facebook.

  43. I like how clean the new website looks. So fresh and uncluttered!

    I also shared on facebook, so let’s see, that’s 3 points for me!

  44. 6 points! I love the rotating banner with different images of products you’re selling – so pretty and professional!

  45. Six points! I love how user-friendly the new website is, it’s attractive, clean, easy to navigate, and filled with gorgeous pictures!

  46. Six points. Love the eye-popping photos and how user friendly it is!

  47. 6 points! I love how clean the design is and how easy the site is to navigate. The products are easy to browse through and the “quick view” is a great feature. Plus I shared the giveaway and signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for the chance!

  48. 6 points- I like the clean design and the beautiful slide show at the top of the page. Also, love the heart candle idea! Gonna try it out tomorrow.

  49. 6 points! 🙂 I love the simplicity of the page! Congrats on the new page!

  50. 6 points. Shared on FBI, signed up for newsletter again, love the new site. Simplistic, professional

  51. 6 points over here! The new website is so clean and easy to navigate. Very professional! Thank you for the opportunity on this wonderful giveaway as well as the cute tutorial. Blessings

  52. 3 points, 6 if you count already being subscribed to the newsletter. The new website is so fresh and clean looking. It appears much easier to navigate and I love that it has a compare option for when there are so many goodies to decide between. Great job!

  53. Its very easy to navigate with the new design, its simple and fresh! I got 6 points, Thanks for this great giveaway!

  54. Add me, please for 3 points. I didn’t even realize you had a mailing list, so now I am on. I shared your give-away on Facebook, and the new site looks BEAUTIFUL! I love your header photo. My good (non-Waldorf) friend recently told me she was talking to someone else about Waldorf and his reply was “Waldorf? I don’t know, but there is a lot of beeswax involved!” LOL I hope things are evening out and smoothing out for you.

  55. Love the new site! Easy to navigate and check out was a breeze. And 6 points for me please!

  56. The new website is gorgeous! Can’t wait to order something!

    I also shared on my FB and signed up for the newsletter!

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    I’ll be watching for Woody too.

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  59. 6 pts for me 🙂
    Love all the white space on the new page, so much easier on the eyes, and also having the items listed horizontally rather than Vertically so there’s less scrolling… It is definitely worth all the interruption to move to this new site!
    I shared on FB and and already subscribe to your newsletter, which I love by the way, your topics always touch my heart so deeply and in just the way I need it seems.

  60. 6pts, I like the simplicity of the new website, shared on FB, and already receive the newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  61. 6 points! (shared with a friend, since I just deactivated my old FB) The new site is very lovely, and looks much easier to navigate. Looking forward to seeing it fill back up, and winning would really help my next bulk order! Thanks for sharing the love this season 🙂

  62. 6 points! I love the new site! It’s so bright and fresh. The large photographs are so pretty and look so nice scrolling. I also like all the updated pictures you’ve added for some of the items and it’s a lot easier to see what all is going on (like joining the newsletter and facebook group). I really like it a lot!

  63. 6 points! I love the layout of the new site – so easy to navigate! I sent my sister a link to the site, she wants some big dipper natural birthday candles. I’m signed up for the newsletter too! Thanks. 🙂

  64. Hi there. 3 points for me. 🙂 I love the slide show on the home page. I also love the picture of the rainbow died wool. The pictures for each type of craft item make it really easy to navigate the site. 🙂

  65. 4 points.
    Wow! The site really looks quite nice. Very well done. We have really enjoyed the orders we have placed with you – thanks for offering this to all of us. Love the blog posts as well.

  66. Beautiful new website. Many things to drool over!! I did all six points… crossing fingers now 😉 Thank you for the giveaway!

  67. 4 points. Love the new banner photo and signed up to receive posts by email. Thanks! And I was referred to you by a friend from Facebook/real life.

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  69. I don’t know how I missed this great giveaway, but I just wanted to say that those heart candles are the cutest thing! I love them!

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