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Sense of Warmth Part II


I am so excited that my dear friend Mona Sophia is guest posting for us today. She is a self described alchemist and intuitive life coach.  Her personal study of creativity, meditation, mindfulness, Anthroposophy, and relationships have led her down many different avenues including that of a Waldorf class teacher, homeschooler, artist, filmmaker, and wife and mother.

Mona Sophia begins our contemplation of the Sense of Warmth with a quote from Sherry Wildfeuer…

“An even more intimate connection occurs through the warmth ether.  It provides the impetus of enthusiasm to arouse our thinking to activity at the moment of our first seeking to understand what we behold.  It energizes us along the way, and it culminates with our becoming aware of the inner impulse, the seed nature of what we see.  Thus, the whole quest for knowledge is fired by the warmth ether.  It also allows us to transform ourselves or something in the world around us.”  (“Getting to Know the Living Forces In Nature”)

Winter is the time of year when harsh weather and cold forces us indoors.   Even more so, metaphorically, this “forcing us indoors” can serve to propel us towards developing our inner warmth and our quest for self-knowledge.  In Waldorf Philosophy and Education there is so much emphasis placed on cultivating the warmth of the child, but what about the cultivation of warmth in us as individual developing human beings?

While it’s obvious to see rapid development physically and mentally in children, with adults we too often forget or deny that development is still taking place.   However, if we look to our inner self we can see it is always continuously seeking new ways to manifest its growth and development, whether or not we choose to honor it.   In consciously choosing to honor our inner growth, it is essential we create and direct warmth towards listening to every call of our inner voice.

“Perhaps most importantly, warmth is the essential ingredient in transformative work. Without warmth we cannot change…”-Dr. Adam Blanning

Warmth is an essential element of life.   Think about what a seed needs to grow…water, nutrients, air and light.  That light is warmth.  When we as individuals choose to purposefully seek and develop the light in our own beings, we can nurture the warmth not only in our own lives, but also in the lives of those around us.  But it is essential that we start with ourselves first and do so with kindness and compassion.

This time of year when the world grows dark and our consciousness is turned inward we can very often find we are becoming impatient, restless, or dissatisfied in our outer lives and inner thoughts.  The outer cold can cause us to take a fetal–like positioning towards the world, which helps us preserve not only our physical warmth but our spiritual warmth as well.  What we are left with, though, is to come face to face with our inner mental processes.   In order to penetrate these darker crevices of our thinking, we must consciously and actively create an attitude of warmth towards these thoughts and truly understand their “seed nature”.  But how can we do we do this?

First we must honor that these emotions and feelings are presenting to us for a reason.  They are speaking to our innermost needs.  Instead of denying the darker sides of our thoughts, and trying to change them for the positive, look to them with gratitude for their utter honesty.  These small, sometimes ugly inner voices are the way our inner self screams for our attention.   More often than not they are screaming because we have denied them too long.  But what do we do?  React to these emotional outcries or respond to them?  More often than not we just react.  I now challenge each of us to respond to them instead.

Meet each of these angry, bitter, resentful mutterings with the warmth that a saint would meet a sinner.  Ask them what they need and how you can help them.  More often than not, these inner voices just want to know you are listening to them and will in turn show you they aim to serve you instead.  When we listen to these voices without self-judgment, they begin to point the way towards cultivating a more passionate and fulfilled life.

Think about your most intimate and passionate moment.  All your senses were stimulated and your physical awareness was heightened.  A feeling of warmth most likely overtook your body.  Can you imagine living life like this on a daily basis?  It’s possible.   But only when we seek to listen to those inner yearnings which have tried so hard to get our attention.  Look to yourself with warm thoughts and know that you are valuable enough to deserve a fulfilled life.  There is no secret recipe for how to do this, though, as each of us will have different ingredients.  But what matters most is that we can look honestly at what stimulates, intrigues and disgusts our palettes.

Are you happy giving to others when you have not made time for yourself?  After spending the whole day caring for others and neglecting yourself do you have anything left to cultivate a passionate life for yourself or with a partner?   However, if you took just minutes a day to make love to yourself first, perhaps the amount you could give to others would exponentially grow.

So how do we make love to ourselves?  Do you have a spiritual practice you can devote yourself to?  Do you have a purpose and a drive for your direction in life?  Have you questioned what your deepest desires are for yourself, or a life with a partner or a family?  What can you do on a daily basis to bring these into fruition?   Have you looked at yourself with love and kindness for everything you aim to achieve during your day but just didn’t manage to?  Can you look in the mirror daily and say, “I am a beautiful, sexy, creative being!”?

If the answer to any of these questions is I don’t know or I don’t have time, then it’s no wonder your inner murmurs are screaming for your attention.  Our lives are a product of our creative imaginations and if you haven’t taken the time to imagine what you want or desire from your life you will get second-rate results.  We are called to be creative, inspired individuals because creativity is the vital force that fuels our existence.

So face these dark murmurings of your inner self with warmth and compassion and see them as guideposts on your journey.  Honor that they are serving to drive you towards a more creative and passionate life and that they are the seeds, which when nurtured with warmth and light can help you to undergo the transformative work necessary to find your highest self.


 Mona Sophia has a passion for connecting with others and helping them to discover the passion in their own lives.  Her counseling services are offered online.  See her Facebook page for more details: Mona Sophia Talks

As her friend, I have to pipe up and tell you that the grace with which she navigates her life impresses everyone lucky enough to know her. She has walked with me through many difficult times in my life.  We have been through thick and thin together, and every time I have felt “stuck”, at the end of my rope, or needed someone to share my joy, she has been there for me.  She has the amazing ability to listen without judgement, to exude empathy, and to refuse to allow me to have a pity party or self-defeating mentality.  She can help me “find the gift”, notice the silver linings of any gray cloud, and most of all, she has infused me with inspiration and confidence to boldly take on the world, and take charge of my life instead of “letting life happen to me”.  I am incredibly lucky to call her my friend, and after endless hours of conversations with her, I now know exactly what question to ask myself when I am feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or upset.  I know she would tell me to take some rescue remedy, and cut right through the whirling chaos in my mind by asking me “What are you needing right now?” For truly, how can we work towards getting our needs met, if we aren’t even certain what they are?

In addition to knowing what our needs are, we need to develop a good game plan for getting those needs met.  In his book, Non-Violent Communication”, Marshall Rosenberg tells a story of a man who is searching for his keys beneath a streetlight one night.  A passerby offers to help him, and after much crawling about on hands and knees beneath the light, asks “where exactly were you standing when you dropped them?” The man replies that he dropped the keys in an alley nearby. “But,” he says, “the light is much better over here.” We are often more comfortable trying to get our needs met in ill-suited ways that have become ingrained over the years, in ways that are based on manipulating or degrading ourselves or those around us, or we may not even feeling worthy of trying to get them met.   Mona Sophia is willing to go on an adventure with you, to discover your passion, your needs, and how to get them met and live a rich life of fulfillment.  For a chance to win a 90 minute coaching session with her, leave a comment below!

5 thoughts on “Sense of Warmth Part II

  1. What a beautiful post. Being a Waldorf mom, I have always heard about ensuring warmth for my children, but have never really thought about it in terms of myself. Thanks for sharing…I’ll be putting a lot of thought into this today and in the days to come. Aloha, Lori

  2. How lucky of you to have such an insightful friend and how lucky we are to have her share with us. Even luckier for the winner of her generosity! Feeling warmer already. ❤

  3. What a wonderful outlook and different way of turning the challenging into the helpful and opportunity for growth. Thank you for the post!

  4. Wow! Great post – thanks for sharing these thoughts on warmth. So relevant right now in late January.

  5. Ahhh, that post was definitely warmth to my soul… and I’d love to partake in any fresh, warm wisdom from Mona 🙂

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