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Potato Planting- In The Garden With Children


I know, I know. I know what you all are thinking… I deserve “most inconsistent blogger of the year award”.

Yep! I won’t even go in to the layers of craziness that have been my life lately! But thankfully, circumstances are stabilizing. *Deep sigh*. 

I want to share pictures of the wonderful time we had this weekend, doing one of our favorite things together… playing in the garden!

According to the Biodynamic Planting Calendar, yesterday and today are perfect times for planting root vegetables- and the weather was also incredibly nice.  So we cut some already sprouting potatoes from the root cellar into pieces (I like to make sure there are at least two “eyes” per piece).



And scooped some rich earth into each hole (wheel-barrowed over from behind the chicken coop, where the coop bedding from last year has been composting for months)- to ensure the potatoes have all the nutrients they need…


Poured the dirt into each hole…


  And into the ground goes each potato! We hope to get at least a pound per plant in yield. We buried them, and when they come up we will mound the dirt in little hills around each plant.  Potatoes like to be cozy! If we should get frosty nights between now and the true start of frost free season, I’ll cover the bed with a sheet.  Potatoes like it chilly, anyways.  I find if the plants have a good start before hot weather, they resist the potato beetles better.



Meanwhile, the boys were clearing beds.  My eldest’s pick-axe like tool inspired him to sing the dwarves song from Snow White, slightly modified:

“We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig, we dig the whole day through;

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig it’s what we like to do.

It ain’t no trick to grow food quick

If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick

In the garden, in the garden where a million earthworms crawl”….


 Taking advantage of perfect root planting time, I planted tons of French breakfast radishes and, too excited to wait for opportune leaf planting weather, could not resist also sowing some Marveilles De Quatre Saison lettuce!


Even the baby dug in the sandbox.  I keep a small sandbox in the garden so the younger children can play nearby as I work.  I’ll be tucking the sandbox under the bean teepee and covering it with sheets before it grows up, to shade him from the hot sun.


We couldn’t get the old rototiller to start, so Cedar Ring Papa got a work out tilling with a pitch fork!


Suddenly a rare Kingston plant sprang up in one of the beds.


He was carefully tended to; shaded and bugs picked off. 🙂



My daughter, who is 4.5 years old now, is such a good helper! She happily planted all the onions, dancing carefully between the rows.




As usual, I went a little overboard on seeds this year! Hard to resist when Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has soooo many amazing varieties.  I’ll be putting in the last seed order of the season next weekend, so if you’d like to order seeds with me, browse all the lovely seeds at http://www.rareseeds.com, then head over to the Cedar Ring Circle Special Orders department and order your favorites (listed at 20% off, with free shipping!).


 It’s amazing the difference a year can make.  Just last year, it was a challenge to garden with three young children and a baby.  But finally, their age and expectation of the tradition it has become has paid off, and we were able to all enjoy a productive, fun time together.  It was certainly the best Mother’s Day gift I could have imagined!











5 thoughts on “Potato Planting- In The Garden With Children

  1. The Kingston plant variety looks pretty good.

  2. Very neat I love the pics, and I didn’t know how to do potatoes I’m good with house plants but your kids did a wonderful demonstration I think they taught me well lol 😉 I look forward to trying that this year , guess I better hurry 🙂

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