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Beeswax Flower Candle Tutorial and Giveaway


Ahhh… new colors in beeswax sheets!  I just ordered more for my shop, and could not resist playing with them myself.  Many people think of rolled candles when they think of beeswax sheets; but their flexibility and the natural stickiness of the wax lend them to so many creative possibilities beyond a simple taper! So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a little candle art.

To make stunning beeswax flower candles, gather up a few supplies…

  • Candleholders (I used the brass holders that fit in birthday rings and advent spirals)
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife and/or Scissors
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Wick
  • Flower Cookie Cutters (check out the baking/cake making section of the craft store)
  • Beeswax Sheets (greens for stems and leaves; bright flower colors for petals)
  • A Cute Helper


Start cutting out your beeswax flower shapes.  You may want to help your child choose the most judicious spacing of where to cut, so you have the least amount of scraps.  Scraps can be saved and melted down for future candle making- I like to use little molds like this and make floating candles for special occasions in a rainbow of colors.


After pressing down firmly on the first side, carefully flip your sheet over and press the wax downward over the cutter to ensure a clean cut.


Now carefully pop your shape out.


We were able to get six petals per sheet, which was perfect for one flower.


For the butterflies, I used two beeswax sheets (ten cut-outs).

To make the flower stems, cut sheets of green in different lengths.  We used a variety of sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7 inches, so they could be close together without bumping against each other like they would if they were all the same height.  I also used a variety of greens on the stems- dark, medium, and light. If you make the stems too tall, they are likely to crack when you press down on them to attach the flowers (unless perhaps you decide to make the stems thicker than we did).

When rolling candles, you want the wax to be nice and warm, so it is flexible and does not crack.  I kept a pot of water simmering on the stove and held my stem wax over it for a few seconds til it felt a little floppy. Once properly flexible, you can press your wick down at one edge and roll tightly.


Keep your candle holder of choice nearby, so you can check the diameter of the candle to ensure a snug fit.  Leave a long tail on your wick, as you will need to thread your petals with it.


I rolled until the candle was slightly thicker than the holder.  Then, using two fingers, press the wax together to condense it enough to squeeze it into the holder.  A tight fit is better than a loose fit… no need to set the neighborhood on fire, right?


Next, grab your wooden skewer and poke a hole through the center of your petal cut outs.  I do them one at a time, then match the first to the second to line them up and so on, to ensure the holes are all uniform and the petals will be centered well when threaded onto the wick.


Start threading your petals onto the wick, one at a time.  If the wick end gets frayed, just rub your fingers on some beeswax sheet scraps and then smooth the wick with your waxy fingers; it should help the wick thread easier.


Once you’ve threaded all the petals on, carefully yet firmly press the center of petals down.  You want them to stick firmly, without pressing so hard that the stem bends or cracks.  When the petals are attached, you can begin to gently curve the top layers upward and the bottom layers downward to give them their layered petal look.


If you like, shape a leaf with your knife or scissors and press onto the stem. 🙂


For the butterfly, place your cutouts in to equal stacks.  Cut two small pieces of wick just long enough for the candle and antennae.


Press the second stack onto the first firmly, squishing the middle a bit.  Then, carefully separate the layers a little, so the wings look as if they are fluttering in flight.


These make wonderfully festive candles for a birthday ring!


Couldn’t resist breaking out a birthday spiral too.  Since today is my birthday. 😉

Which means… we need to celebrate!

So… I’m doing a giveaway! It includes…

  • One of these lovely, locally made spirals.  Handcrafted by an Amish neighbor, they utilize a variety of woods to give them a unique, dual-tone effect 
  • 12 brass candleholders and twelve Grimm’s decorations of your choice!
  • A gold 35″ silk from Sarah’s Silks
  • A Create-Your-Own-Assortment Beeswax Sheet Kit with 12 beeswax sheets in your choice of colors, so you can try your hand at some flower candles (or whatever your heart desires!). 

Entry is open to US residents… please leave ONE comment to enter, and if you share on social media, don’t forget to tell me in your comment and you get 3 extra entry points for each share!


Giveaway closes on Sunday night, May 18th at midnight. 

And the winner is Gabi- “Happy birthday to you! Lovely giveaway…can’t wait!”

Congratulations, Gabi 🙂

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